How to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner This Year in Houston

by Houston Texas Painters - November 4, 2020

It’s almost that time of the year again when you are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with your family in Houston. Of course, this year, things will be quite different from what they have been in the past. COVID 19 is still here and staying safe as you celebrate this all-important holiday is vital. 

A significant challenge facing almost everyone is how to celebrate Thanksgiving during the pandemic. If that’s what is worrying you, relax. There’s still a way of having a memorable day this year amidst the epidemic. Yes, you and your family are still around and safe. That’s why we are giving you some practical ideas for a COVID-safe thanksgiving 2020 dinner at home with your family.

COVID Safe Thanksgiving 2020 Dinner Ideas

Keep the Gathering Small

Unlike in the past, when you’d invite friends and relatives to your home for Thanksgiving, this year, keep the crowd small. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has outlined numerous lower and high-risk activities in 2020. The CDC warns against large indoor gatherings in their guidelines, especially with those outside your immediate family. 

Suppose you can restrict the number to just your family and one or two guests, the better. Remember, one of the critical ways of spreading this virus is a crowded place.

Keep Social Distance

Although you are most likely going to have only your family and maybe a few friends at the dinner table, you must have all guests keeping the recommended social distance. Your guests aren’t always in their own homes, and they go out for various day-to-day activities, so you never know who might have contracted the virus or who is asymptomatic.

Ensure you set your dinner and dinner table in such a way that the participants keep a safe distance from one another. And as a reminder, as you go out shopping for Thanksgiving Day, avoid crowded stores and other similar retail locations.


Ensure you use EPA-approved sanitizers and disinfectants to sanitize all the surfaces frequently touched in your home before setting your table from the doorknobs to the taps, table surfaces, and all. Likewise, place sufficient water and soap at strategic places in your abode to make it easy and convenient for everyone to wash their hands frequently.

Remember to get their temperatures at the entrance and ensure that anyone with an abnormal temperature seeks medical attention. It would help if you prepared your guests for this in advance.

Optimize Outdoor Space of Possible

If you live in a spacious property, you can optimize the use of outdoor space. The CDC recommends having a small outdoor dinner with your family and friends in Houston, Texas. Where possible, you can even put smaller groups under a covered patio with heaters.  The CDC considers this kind of dinner arrangement to be a moderate risk activity.

Have a Set Few-Items Menu

This pandemic has hit the economy hard, and if, like many other households, you can feel the financial implications of this virus, there’s something you can do about it. If your family is used to bountiful thanksgiving dinners with plenty of cherished traditional foods, it might be better to settle for fewer food items this time around. You don’t have to have your traditional turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, and cranberry sauce all at once.

Instead, you can restrict your menu to four or five items. These can be your classic main dish, your family’s two most delicious desserts, and your two favorite sets. Doing this will lower your costs and ensure you don’t have loads of leftovers and wastes to dispose of after the celebrations.

With these five ways on how to Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic, you can keep your entire family – and the few guests, if you’ll have any – safe in this year’s day of gratitude in Houston, Texas, and beyond. 

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