11 Hassle-Free Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

by Houston Texas Painters - December 3, 2018

11 Hassle-Free Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

When it comes to dressing up your home for the holidays, a little inspiration goes a long way. Whether you’re a festive fanatic or a modest holiday homemaker, there’s a perfect option for everyone. From upgraded wreaths to dazzling garlands, here’s how your home can make a statement this season.

Get inspired by some of easy outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for your home!

Festive Front Door

Deck out your front door with a magnolia leaf wreath and garland. Surround it with bright ornaments in red, silver, and gold tones to add a pop of color to your christmas decor. For a picture-perfect finish, you can use stack kraft paper wrapped gifts against your front door.

Cranberry Luminarias

This cost-effective outdoor Christmas idea is a breeze to execute. You can layer a stocky glass vase with faux snow and real cranberries. If you’re worried about animals snacking on your decor, you can use fake ones. Tuck in a pillar candle then you can align it on your walkway with fir bundles topped with your pretty luminarias.

Pretty Porch Decor

Make the most of the porch corners with a smooth and impressive display of greenery and candles. To get this look, you can top a small table with different candles, a patterned holiday towel, and pinecones. To complete the look, put up a festive holiday wreath and bucket of birch branches.

Reindeer Wreath

A reindeer is one of the universal symbols of Christmas. To make your front door look festive, you can opt to put up a faux white reindeer surrounded by green leaves and branches.  You can also anchor the wreath with a neutral ribbon and pops of bright green berries.

Inviting Holiday Mailbox

Make your mailbox an inviting holiday mailbox by putting up a pretty swag of pine tied on with wire adds a flourish to your mailbox. Embellish it with red accents and beautiful pinecones. With the help of the first snow (if it snows at all, of course), it will surely enhance the look.

Festive Railing Planter

For a bright and merry entrance, you can add seasonal greenery to your outdoor planters. You can use a mix of pinecones, clementines, berries, and evergreen sprigs.

Candy Cane Holder

It’s a Christmas classic to have a candy cane on your decorations. For a unique outdoor holiday decorating idea, you can take inspiration from this classic Christmas candy. You can fill a white planter with decorative candy canes. With the Store-bought plastic rods and weather-treated ribbon, it means that this front door decor can last throughout the season.

Twig Sculpture

You can make it your twig sculpture. You have to choose between birch, red twig dogwood, or spray-painted twigs to perform this display. If you put white twigs that are painted with silver or gold, it will shimmer in the winter light. Insert shimmery red ornaments and natural pine cones into the greenery for a textural and colorful impact. With a faux-bird resting on a branch, it gives off a bit of whimsicality.

Outside Ornaments

Ornaments like Christmas balls aren’t just for the tree! Give your outdoor planters a holiday do-over with a few round embellishments, birch branches, and grapevine balls. You should use plastic ornaments to avoid breakage.

Wintry Glass Candle Display

You can turn your inexpensive glass cylinders in various sizes into miniature Christmas luminaries. Place a cranberry-red candle inside each bottle, filling the space between the glass and the candle with tiny red and silver ornaments. For instant holiday spirit, set atop moss in a planter outdoors.

Tiny Tannenbaum Planter Holder

A wrought-iron planter holder features little dwarf spruce and other evergreens for a Christmas tree like display. You can enhance the arrangement by adding glass ball ornaments and fresh-cut branches of pine and cedar into the mix.

Putting a lot of effort in your outdoor decorations is worth it when you see the outcome. Christmas is the season for generosity and passion, so make sure that you give off this vibe with the help of your embellishments. If you have a yard, use Christmas yard decorations ideas. Also, if you want your house to be professionally painted, you can ask the experts to give your home a new coat of paint.  

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