4 Tips For Touching Up Paint On Your Walls

by Houston Texas Painters - March 7, 2022

A fresh coat of paint won’t look like new forever. If it’s been a while since you last painted your walls, some areas might start showing signs of wear and tear. Maybe touching up the paint is your best option. However, this is easier said than done. 

Are you thinking about touching up the paint on your walls? Here are some tips and considerations you shouldn’t miss!

1. Match the color

When the touch-up project involves a large area, the primary concern of many homeowners is ending up with a patch of uneven color. Well, this concern is genuine.

Matching the exact color might seem impossible when touching up paint, but you can approach a near-perfect result. Here are the best options:

Use the same can of paint

Buying the same paint, finish, and brand used on your wall doesn’t guarantee an exact match. Your best option is using the same paint—literally. You could only ensure a near-perfect touch-up job if you stored a can from the last painting project.

However, be prepared for the challenge! If the paint has been stored without proper sealing, you might need to thin it. Use water to thin latex paints and other water-based products.

Trust the professionals

On the other hand, if you don’t know what paint was used for your home, buying any look-alike hue in the store won’t work. Some paint stores and painting professionals use technology to match the color on your wall, so this might be your best shot. 

2. Take the time to patch and repair

If your walls have scuffs, nicks, and holes, you should take the time to sand and repair them on top of touching up. 

You can fill nail holes and other imperfections quickly. On the other hand, if the damaged area is larger than a few inches, you’ll need to sand, apply the filler, let it dry, and apply primer to the whole surface.

3. Consider the type of finish, texture, and edges

Sometimes, touch-up paint is noticeable due to an uneven finish or texture. You can give the new coat of paint a similar texture to the rest of the wall by using the same painting tool you originally used.

Also, once you finish applying the last coat, feather the edges by dragging the paint out of the touch-up area—the color will blend better, and the transition won’t be so evident.

4. Wait until the paint dries

Wait until the paint dries completely to decide if you like the results. Look at the touched-up area at different lights and angles. You’ll notice the patch quickly because you already know it’s there, but a guest won’t be so observant! 

However, if you are not happy with the results, maybe it’s time to consider refreshing the wall. 

Is touching up your walls too much hassle? 

Maybe it’s time to give your room a fresh look. You can always count on the best house painters in Katy TX to deliver quality painting services. We work with the best contractors in Houston to guarantee the results will be up to your expectations. 

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