4 Ways the Summer Weather in Texas Can Damage Your Home

by Houston Texas Painters - August 25, 2019

4 Ways the Summer Weather in Texas Can Damage Your Home

It’s easy just to run inside and forget about the outside world when the heat is too high to bear. However, your home can also suffer damages from the intense heat and exposure to sunlight if you don’t help it fight back. And no, it’s not only on the outside that there can be trouble, but on the inside as well, especially if you take humidity into account. 

Remember that there is no magic mirror or solution to the heat-damage problem. While there are very effective solutions out there, the best course of action is to continually check for signs of damage and work on them before it spreads over a larger area. Here are the four main ways that the sun is damaging your house both inside and out!

1. It causes your roof to leak

Being the part of the house that’s exposed to the sun all day, it’s easy to imagine that it’s also the part that’s most susceptible to it. Very high temperatures can cause the roof structure to expand and warp, making the shingles crack and the caulk around it to dry out, which can cause it to leak. If you have an attic, you also run the risk of humidity building up there since they tend to be poorly ventilated. 

It’s important to coat and seal the roof against UV rays using a light color to prevent this kind of damage. Also, install vapor barries on the inside, and schedule regular checks each year if the summers in your area are particularly harsh. 

2. It warps decks, floors, and other wooden structures

Decks are the outdoor structures that are exposed most often to the sun, and without proper care, they can suffer bad damage. When the UV rays reach a wood structure, it breaks down the lignin in it, causing it to discolor, crack, the paint to peel, and makes it weak from being too dry. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are prone to absorbing humidity from beneath the house, causing it to warp and buckle if left unattended for too long. 

The solution for wood on the outside is a powerful sealant and a finishing coat that will either reflect or absorb heat and sunlight to minimize damage. On the inside, hardwood floors can be protected with a dehumidifier that keeps things between 35% and 55% humidity. Use the bare minimum of water when cleaning the house if the humidity is high, as it slows down the evaporation process.

3. It can ruin your exterior paint

Few things age as bad as exterior house painting in hot weather. The damage can vary depending on what type of paint was used on your home, but you will usually find it warped, peeled, or cracked. This exposes the structure beneath the elements, which can cause mold to grow and spread the damage further inside. Your walls are the first (and sometimes only) line of defense for the inside of your house, after all. Our recommendation is to use weatherproofing tech such as elastomeric coating added by a professional team.

Also, remember to leave the repairs for when the weather is cooler. Ask yourself when is it too hot to paint outside, and if the temperature is above average, then it is!

4. It can weaken the foundation

The hotter months of the year are not gentle on your house’s foundation. Constant and extreme heat causes the soil to dry up faster than it can moisten again, making it shrink and get loose. Since foundations use the surrounding soil as support, its weakened state makes the structure of your house take on more weight unevenly, damaging it. Different local building codes prevent catastrophic damage, of course, but you can help out your soil by sprinkling some water on it during particularly hot days. 

You should also keep larger trees away from the foundations because they absorb water with their roots and cause drought-like conditions in the area when the moisture is low.

It’s best to tackle these issues before they turn into real problems, and don’t let them linger for too long. Texas is famous as a scorching state, so protecting your house is of utmost importance if you want it to last healthy and beautiful for a long time!

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