5 Cheap Non-Invasive Ways to Remodel a Rental Home

by Houston Texas Painters - July 29, 2019

5 Cheap Non-Invasive Ways to Remodel a Rental Home

Living in a rental home can sometimes make you feel like there’s no way to add some style to it without breaking the rules, right? Well, if you’re smart about it and get creative with your options, you can personalize any rental space however you please! Learning how to renovate a house with no money is easy because you don’t even have to find loopholes in your contract, just pay attention to the many non-permanent changes that can be done around the house.

We made a list of the best non-invasive home remodeling tips you can try without breaking your lease and hurting your wallet. If you’re going to complement any of these tips with some more permanent changes—like painting a wall or the backsplash of your kitchen—make sure to get written approval from your landlord so that you don’t have to lose your safety deposit. 

Remodel your bed to relax better

Giving your bed a makeover can really breathe new life into a room without hurting your wallet too much. Just think about it; doesn’t it feel better to rest every night in a bed that you actually like? Your first option is to remodel the headboard, which you can turn into a sleek piece or build from scratch outright for under $100 if you have the right materials. There are many online resources for DIY headboards, which range from the simple and chic to the sophisticated and complex. You can also make your own throw pillows to add personality to it and improve your sewing skills.

Replace light fixtures and switches

The light fixtures in most rental places are, sadly, very old and cheap looking. Luckily, a handy person should be able to swap them out with some better looking models that are also very affordable. From brass to wrought iron, bring home the ones that better fit your vision for the room and say goodbye to those tacky old ones! Replacing the light switches is also very easy and even cheaper than the light fixtures. You can change them for new ones or get some really interesting pieces from sites like Etsy. It’s your choice!

Cover that ugly old floor

Old flooring in rental places can be some of the most frustrating parts to look at. Even if it’s functional, it can be scratched or stained, and there’s no real way to do anything about it without spending a fortune or breaking your lease terms other than throwing a rug on it, right? Well, did you know that you can install a new floor without even gluing it to the old one? Many hardware stores sell click-and-lock bamboo flooring boards that can be set in place by themselves. Yes, it’s a little bigger than other investments in this list, but it’s an option to remember if your floors are a tragedy.

Give your bathroom a makeover

Remodeling the bathroom can be convenient and affordable if you keep it simple. Only the most stingy of landlords will say no to you changing your showerhead and faucets (which you can do with just a wrench and some plumber’s tape). Not only will you get better pressure but it can also really spruce up the look of your bathroom. Another way to improve your bathroom is to add some storage by installing an over-the-toilet cabinet for the extra space. A standalone towel rack and a little shelf will complement each other nicely without crowding the bathroom too much.

Open up the room with a large mirror

Are you working on a really tight budget? Then go for a large mirror to really open up the natural space of a room. Renovation costs for a rental property are high, so this is a very cost-effective measure since you can move it around the house to suit your changing taste in decoration. The secret is to place it where lots of sunshine will hit it, even if it’s not perfectly aligned with the window. All the extra light and the reflection of your room will make any room seem way larger than it is, and it adds an elegant touch that pairs well with any style.

We’re sure that you’re already changing these tips around to work better with your style, so don’t be afraid to riff a little with your own ideas. After all, this is a list made to help you put some of your own personal styles on a home that some people would not feel like “their own.” And if you do own your home or apartment and are just looking for tips on how to make it prettier without spending too much, we can help you with that too!

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