5 DIY Ways To Give Your Furniture New Life

by Houston Texas Painters - March 4, 2020
Houston Texas Painters - 5 DIY Ways To Give Your Furniture New Life

Fixing old furniture may seem to some people like complicated work, and sometimes it is. Some old furniture needs to be taken to an expert to assure good results, but if you don’t have the money to do that or you are willing to make a try yourself, this furniture repair and restoration guide is what you’re looking for. Keep reading!

Wood refinishing

A piece of good advice for refinishing your old wood furniture is to use mineral spirits as a first step. Wiping this liquid over your furniture will reveal the real state of the wood because the current finish will be temporally saturated. If it looks good, then your furnishing will only need a coat of oil-based finish; but if you can see damage and grime, then you’ll have to opt for a complete treatment. For these cases, we recommend applying a stripper and scraping the surface of the wood, then sand it down, finalizing with a finish and buff.

Fixing dents

Dents are another common issue with wood pieces. This is tricky to set, as many people end up making a hole in their precious furniture. But, following this good advice, you won’t have so much trouble (but proceed with caution, though). First step: soak a clean cloth and push it in the dent to allow the moisture to enter the wood. Then, apply a hot iron to make steam, so the fiber swell and fill the cut. Finally, touch up the area and lightly sand the surface.

Minor scratches

If you’re looking for a DIY furniture scratch repair, then this is the spot. Usually, small scratches are easy to take care of; you need the right materials. Rub a walnut’s paste into the scratch of a medium colored wood. Other products you can use are wax crayons and furniture-patching wax sticks. Fill the scratch with the wax and apply heat to melt it, then finish wiping with a dry cloth.

Other troubles may pop up when it comes to old furniture made of wood. Sometimes old furniture has holes, missing pieces of wood, white rings, or a worn-out color. For all of those situations, there are useful tips you can apply, especially if your article is a valuable antique. Check them out in this link.

Punctures in leather

For this one, you will need needles and contact cement. Usually, when a piece of leather has small tears, you can sew the flap part by using one needle and with another applying contact cement to the edges. When you finish, wipe away the excess of glue and leave it to rest an hour. Finally, apply some leather conditioner, and your piece of furniture will be good to go.

Removing watermarks

Watermarks have a low-risk removal process, so you don’t have to worry too much about this one. There are lots of ways you can clean watermarks off your furniture: rubbing toothpaste with “brighteners” using a cloth or your finger and following the direction of the wood grain, or you can use a cloth soaked in alcohol for a less messy procedure. Buff and polish to finish.
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