5 Telltale Signs that Your House Needs a Complete Fix-up

by Houston Texas Painters - May 1, 2018

5 Telltale Signs that Your House Needs a Complete Fix-up

Before anything else, let us first ask you a question. How do you know when it’s time to clean up?

There is clutter around every corner; possessions are out-of-place, dirt and dust seem to be everywhere. In short, almost everything’s a mess. That’s why cleaning your home is like a distinct chore that every homeowner should do. The signs are just evident!

But how about for structural damage repair and renovations? It’s likely that you wouldn’t call for one unless your roof leaks when it rains, or someone trips over a raised area of your floor.

Prevent more of these incidents from happening and be aware of the indications that your house already needs a renovation.

Here are the Basic Signs of Structural Damage to the House:

#1. Damages

The primary reason why people decide to renovate is that there are already damages visible to the naked eye. Regardless if they resulted from an accident or simple wear and tore over the years, these damages should all be fixed. Here the most common examples of what you should look out for:

  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Flooring with holes or raised areas
  • Windows that don’t seal properly
  • Dented, discolored or malfunctioning siding
  • Broken shower enclosures
  • Cracked or broken mirrors
  • Drywall with water damage or punctures
  • Damaged trim due to nicks and scratches
  • Cabinets and drawers that no longer function or are in poor condition
  • Cracked or bulging stucco siding

A lot of this damage can also have other negative impacts on your home. These should be addressed and repaired correctly to prevent further and graver damages to improve both the quality of your house and your life.

#2. Safety

Having that damage in your home can raise several safety concerns for you and your family. For example, a loose tile can cause someone to trip over, places with a cut or broken glass can accidentally cut a family member, and a defective built-in appliance like your garbage disposal can pose hazards to residents. Take note that even moisture damage can raise health risks and cause respiratory problems.

#3. Efficiency

Having proper renovations in your home can help save you money and improve efficiency. If your utility bills are too high, it might also mean that it’s about time to replace the majority of your built-in appliances with more efficient models to lower your bills. Putting in new windows or simply updating your siding can improve efficiency for both heating and cooling. Upgrading your bathroom and kitchen fixtures can also enhance your water efficiency.

#4. Infestation

If you lately hear hollow sounds when you knock on the wooden parts of your house, you could have an infestation. Termites may have started to destroy the wood. Especially if your home is made out of wood, this can weaken the foundation of the structure and cause severe damages. A renovation is necessary to exterminate them and improve your house once again entirely.

#5. Looks

Now, this might not be as important as the previous ones, but if your house looks like it was designed in the early ‘50s (nope, not in the stylish sense), it may be about time to save on renovations. Also, if your home’s style and look is a bit outdated, its function can be lacking too. Upgrade to a more modern-themed home and enjoy the comfort that comes along with it!

With these signs, you never have to think hard about when you’ll need to renovate your home again! If you got five out five, don’t forget to get the job right! Call in a reliable contractor, and a trusted professional painting company and you’re good to go!

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