5 Tips To Select The Best Colors For Painting Home Interior

by Houston Texas Painters - January 18, 2021
5 Tips to select the best colors for painting home interiors

Changing the furniture might be an expensive way of getting a new look in your home. Why not just add a coat of paint? It could refresh it even more! The first thing to do is pick the paint colors. If there were only primary colors, selection would be easy, but each one has hundreds of different shades. Don’t worry; in this blog, we give you some tips in selecting colors for home interiors. 

1. Think about the purpose of the room

Light and color have a pretty significant impact on your perception of a room. Consider the windows (or wherever the sunlight will come in) and lighting in the room before choosing interior paint colors. Dark and warm colors can make a room cozier, while whites or light colors provide the sensation of more open space. The bedroom doesn’t have to feel big, but selecting a clearer palette for the living room might be the best choice. 

2. Treat the ceiling like a fifth wall

Have you asked yourself why ceilings are usually white? The light tone and the contrast make the room space feel airy, but this effect could be achieved without losing style by painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color. On the contrary, to make a room feel cozier, select a darker tone for the ceiling.

3. Continuity is important

There is no need to use the same color or even palettes in every room; however, using muted tones will give you a better chance of blending the colors you use between rooms. You can choose bright colors too, but use them to accentuate the rest of the palette and keep it in small doses to maintain cohesion. Using different colors is an excellent way to separate zones in a big area.

4. Have you heard of color psychology?

Colors can affect your emotions and actions; take into consideration the feelings they provoke within you. While they may not evoke the same effect on everyone, you can read some general meanings attached to the colors to try to match them with the typical feeling you are supposed to have in each room of your home. The feelings or attitudes toward a color may vary drastically with subtle tone changes; when searching for that exact shade of crimson red, a tool like ColorSnap can help a lot!

5. Explore new decoration options

There are some bolder approaches that you probably have not considered as an accent wall. We mentioned earlier that cohesion is essential, but in the end, the ultimate tip in choosing the correct color mix for your home is getting something you like. An accent wall breaks the room’s pattern contrasting color or a bold design. An easy way of designing an accent wall is painting it several tones darker than the others, without breaking the flow between colors.

At Houston Texas Painters, we use ColorSnap, an integrated system of colors and tools. You will see that using technology is the right way of choosing interior paint colors. If you need help, book with us residential painting services.

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