5 Ways Houston Families can Give Back to the Community this Thanksgiving

by Houston Texas Painters - November 4, 2019
5 ways Houston families can give back to the community this Thanksgiving Houston-Texas-Painters

For some community members, the holidays can be a particularly difficult time. Giving thanks also means being aware of your privileges and acknowledging the less fortunate. Thanksgiving’s the perfect time to reflect on it and be generous about it. If you need some ideas for giving back during the holidays, keep reading because you’ll find some good ones to do here in Houston.

Donate or volunteer at a food bank

Those non-perishable or canned products that you keep on your cupboard, instead of saving them indefinitely, you can donate them to the Houston Food Bank. This organization has lots of ways you can help, from organizing food drives to making monetary donations on your own. Houston Food Bank feeds 800,000 people annually and also you can volunteer to help in routine chores or local events.

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Bring meals to local residents

More than 4,200 Houstonians depend on the Meals on Wheels service for food every day. You can sign up with Interfaith Ministries, who run this program, to help pick up and deliver the meals to the homebound elderly. Also, if you’re looking for a way to help refugees, you can register as a mentor for helping them acclimate to his new city. Refugees often need emotional support and English practices; in fact, a nice way to include them to this community is inviting them to your own Thanksgiving dinner.

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Donate blood to the American Red Cross

If you’re looking for ways to make a difference during the holidays, but you don’t have enough time and money, donating your blood is one of the best ways to go. Remember that your blood can save a life. Not only the American Red Cross offers donating programs, but also  Gulf Coast Regional Blood Bank or MD Anderson Blood Bank are options near you. If you feel uncomfortable with this medical process, you can always tell a friend o family member to go with you.

Volunteer at the Thanksgiving Big Feast

On Thanksgiving eve, the City Wide Club of America organizes this event for the homeless and people in need. More than 35,000 Houstonians attend and the event organizers often need volunteers to cook, serve or donate food. Not only hot nutritious meals are offered to the attendees, but also clothing, household items, shoes, blankets, coats, jackets, flu shots, medical examinations, and many more.

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Show love to rescued pets

Houston has many pet shelters than can use some help from you and your family. Regularly, people give dog and cat food and some families stay a while to give a little love to our furry friends. The way to help is up to you; but who knows, perhaps you end up having a new member in the family, some hairy little friend that gives a smile to your kids.

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Out there you can find lots of other ways to help your community this holiday, just look around and you’ll notice. If you planning to attend a charity event and you are afraid to leave your home without maintenance,  you can book a service with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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