6 Home Decor Ideas To Create A Soothing And Stress-free Ambiance

by Houston Texas Painters - March 1, 2021
6 Home Decor Ideas for Stress Free Ambiance

Daily-life stress affects your mood and body, and without a place to destress, it can have an impact on your health and well-being—that’s why setting your home as a stress-free oasis is essential. Create a relaxing, soothing ambiance with these six home decor ideas we gather for you. 

  1. Add a potted plant

Walking in a natural landscape is relaxing, but sometimes it isn’t easy to take a walk in the park. But don’t worry; you can bring nature indoors by getting a potted plant—they are an affordable decor idea if you are on a budget. You can add a potted plant practically to every room or even your office, and they are great for your mood because interacting with them reduces physical and psychological stress.

  1. Paint the walls

Maybe your favorite color is not the best option for your bedroom walls. According to the psychology of colors, your home interior’s palette significantly impacts your mood. In general, pale and soft shades are more relaxing than bright or warm colors. Soft blue hues are the ones with the most associated soothing effects. Matching your room’s hue with the feeling you want is a simple but effective, stress-free home decor idea.  

  1. Set a technology-free space

Constant interaction with the internet and technology can be overwhelming and cause anxiety; that’s why screen-free time in your day is almost required to relieve stress. However, getting away from technology is easier said than done. Streaming apps, social media, e-commerce, and smart devices have settled in our routines. To take a break from modern devices, establish a room or section in your home where TV’s, smartphones, and other gadgets aren’t allowed.

  1. Let more light in your home

Many things can affect your perception of light in your home, from a dirty window to the walls’ color. Increasing the natural light will soothe the ambiance, helping you relieve stress. Ditching the drapes and curtains is the first step; keeping windows uncovered is the best way to let natural light in your room. Also, reflective surfaces and a light color palette can make your indoors seem brighter. If you are not looking for full home interior remodeling, a well-positioned mirror will do the job.

  1. Get an aquarium

If you struggle with day-to-day stress, getting a fish tank might be for you. Like potted plants, having an aquarium at home can make you feel in contact with nature and is also associated with a relaxing effect. Even small tanks will make your home more soothing—so you don’t need to break the bank!

  1. Make your home’s scent pleasant

Your home’s smell can affect you, either in a good or in a not-so-good way. Essential oils’ scents like lavender or jasmine are used in aromatherapy for the calming effect they have on us, but any pleasant aroma could do the trick. Using a diffuser or an aromatic candle will help you improve the ambiance. 

After reading these stress-free home decor ideas, maybe you want to go further and remodel your home. If you need a hand setting your stress-free space, Houston Texas Painters is here to help you with our painting services. Check out what we can do for you and get your quote here.

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