6 Home Renovation Tips You Should Know Before Starting Your Project

by Houston Texas Painters - March 21, 2022

Do you want to renovate your house but feel clueless about it? Regardless of your home’s size, getting into these projects without preparation can be frustrating, and making the wrong decision will cost you time and money.

Fortunately, here are six tips for when you want to renovate your house but don’t know where to start.

Tip 1: Define your budget 

Who will do the job? How much will it cost? Maybe you should ask these questions first when you think about renovating your home. Even if you have a clear idea of the work needed, you’d want to make the most out of your money.

However, it would be a mistake if you think you’ll be opening your wallet just for carpeting, paint jobs, and special installations. Depending on the project, you must consider any sudden expense along the line, such as accommodation and extra material.

Write down these possible expenses and find the right budget for your project.

Tip 2: Know when to hire a contractor

Sure, painting a room or removing an old cabinet are things you can do by yourself. Still, as confident as you are, you can make mistakes, needing you to redo your work and setting you back several dollars.

Hiring an experienced contractor is your best choice if you want reliable results or the job is too large for just one person.

Tip 3: Get the needed permits

You (or your contractor) can’t just start working full-throttle on your home. In Texas, some renovation work to a property requires you to get a permit, even if you own the house. If you’re not careful, you might have to pay some hefty fines.

Check your local permitting center if your renovation project requires one.

Tip 4: Sample your options on-site

You may find out that your remodeling ideas (like color palettes or carpet choices) look different in real life. 

Take the time to observe and test the areas you’d be remodeling. If you have samples, try them out on-site before going for a design. You don’t want to invest in a type of flooring or interior paint that won’t make you happy.

Tip 5: Keep your timeline grounded

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” applies here. Always take precautions when renovating your home; you never know what trouble your own house will cause when the contractor works on your floors or walls.

Have a plan B (or C, or D…) if the project requires more time, or you need to accommodate while your house is being improved.

Tip 6: The kitchen comes first

It’s natural to feel a little lost when renovating the house, especially when there are many things you want to fix and rework. If you’re uncertain where to begin, the answer is quite simple: the kitchen.

Most people want a beautiful and fully-functional kitchen, so renovating it should be a priority. Doing this will also increase the value of your property, so keep that in mind.

However, if you own an extensive kitchen, be ready to set up a temporary cooking station during the renovation.

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