6 Tips To Paint A Ceiling (And Get The Best Results)

by Houston Texas Painters - January 17, 2022

Most homeowners focus on walls during a painting project. It’s normal; the highest sections of a room don’t have the same wear and tear as lower areas. Besides, ceilings are usually plain white! However, your ceiling will need a fresh coat of paint sooner or later. 

If you decide to include the ceiling in your painting project, here are a few painting tips to get the best results.

Tip #1. Remember, it’s not a wall

You may have heard that ceilings should be treated as a fifth wall during a painting project. The truth is that you will find several key differences—from the paint color and finish to the painting technique itself. 

In other words, you can’t just pick up the same paint you will use on your walls and roll it on the ceiling. Usually, a flatter finish and lighter color fit the top of the room better. Besides, you might need to remove every furnishing or cover them with drop cloths!

Tip #2. Invest in proper tools

If you approach a ceiling project for the first time, you may find out that you lack the proper painting tools. Besides the usual brushes and rollers, a quality extension pole and a sturdy step ladder are required. 

Tip #3. Don’t skip sanding and priming

It’s easier to look closely at a wall than a ceiling. Some homeowners might do a rushed job thinking that no one will notice it. However, skipping preparation is a mistake! 

Besides giving an even look to your paint job, sanding and priming a surface ensure paint adheres smoothly to it.

Tip #4. Wear a baseball cap

Every painting project could end up in a dirty mess, but getting splattered in paint is easier when painting a ceiling. Besides wearing eye protection and a respirator mask, you should wear a baseball cap. Also, don’t roll or brush directly over your head!

Tip #5. Cut in with a brush

Rolling the paint from corner to corner could seem like the best (and quicker) way to paint a ceiling. However, this might leave excess paint on your ceiling edges and walls. 

Instead, use a 2 or 2 ½-inch brush for cutting in along the ceiling line. If you don’t want to paint the walls too, cover the top line with a strip of tape. On the other hand, if you are painting the whole room, you can lap onto the walls to have a smooth ceiling line.

Tip #6. Work in small sections

Keeping a wet edge is crucial to getting a streak-less paint coat on your ceiling. The best way to do it is to work in small sections of roughly 5 square feet. Move on to the next area in a grid-like pattern until you finish the entire ceiling. 

Tip #6. Roll slowly on textured ceilings

Not only can texture ceilings let paint drip easily, but they might also loosen and fall in pieces! Do a roll test on a small area and check if it doesn’t do any damage. 

If the ceiling has been painted before, it’s likely safe to continue. However, be careful while rolling the paint. On the other hand, if rolling the paint on your ceiling seems risky, you might need a paint sprayer to avoid damage.

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