7 Budget-friendly Home Projects To Add To Your New Year Resolutions

by Houston Texas Painters - January 6, 2021
7 Budget Friendly Home Projects This New Year

Last year, we spent more time in our homes than any other year in recent history; it’s only natural to want a home remodeling to be more comfortable during this new year. However, embellishing your place doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge amount of money or launch a complicated project to upgrade the facade. If you’re willing to achieve some practical home resolutions this New Year, keep reading this blog. You will find seven excellent options that be done in just a couple of hours, with low-effort, and that surely will give new life to your home.

  1. Patch and paint your walls

Are you living in a house with holes in its walls or scuffed paint? After a long, long year like 2020, the less you deserve is to live in a home without flaws and imperfections like those. Patch the small holes where pictures and paintings once hung, and repaint the old walls with a fresh layer of your favorite color. Just by doing these quick touch-ups, you will feel in a new home.

  1. Add some color

Maybe your walls are sitting pretty and without a scratch, but perhaps you are tired of seeing the same color or the absence of design in them. Give a makeover to your old, blank walls, and infuse them with your favorite color. Or perhaps the color that better fits your home? If you’re indecisive, try using this color selection system (the one we use on our clients’ projects, by the way).

  1. Update your kitchen appliances

Buying a new fridge, dishwasher, or stove will always be a good investment, especially if your old model is in its last legs. Also, consider upgrading your kitchen hardware like the knobs and pulls. These small actions will feel huge for any homeowners, especially if you are spending more time at home.

  1. Upgrade your lighting

Even if you don’t rearrange your furniture, buy new appliances or paint your walls, installing a new set of lights always is a massive improvement and enhances the view. Consider investing in chic pendant lights for your kitchen or living room.

  1. Install a window box for your plants

Adding potted plants and window boxes to your windows is a great way to embellish your yard without completely re-landscape it. This option is totally budget-friendly and will give your home a fresh touch of greenery and floral color.

  1. Replace your front door

Do you want to make your home more inviting? Or may you want to give a glimpse into your personality by changing the color or texture of your entrance? You can do all these things just by replacing your front door; not a small effort but one with excellent results. Or just paint it! 

  1. Add storage or shelving around the house

Sometimes your home doesn’t need an extreme makeover rather than just a practical cleaning session. One of the easiest ways to declutter and clean your home from all the stored stuff is installing shelving and storage baskets all over the house. You don’t have to keep everything in your garage; you can just leave things where you use them the most, like the pantry or closets.

If you were looking for easy New Year’s home resolutions to keep your home nice and clean, then we hope this blog has done the trick. Some of these budget-friendly ideas can transform into your next home project. Remember that if you need any help, Houston Texas Painters is the company you need to call. We provide a wide variety of services. Check our official website.

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