7 DIY Painting Techniques That Everybody Can Apply At Home

by Houston Texas Painters - February 4, 2020

Looking for interior painting design ideas? Perhaps you think there is only one way to paint, and the combinations you are tied to are only colors. But that’s far from the truth. Ahead, you’ll find some ideas about interior wall painting design that you can use in your next home remodeling, from fast and straightforward DIY methods to more crafty and artsy techniques. Ready to discover a world of possibilities? Keep reading!

1. Harlequin

This classic diamond pattern will never get old. Harlequin is a painting style that will add life to your walls, whether you use highly contrasting colors to make a bolder statement or choose a more subtle combination for a more sophisticated look. Harlequin is a style that can work in the kitchen or bedroom.

Read the full tutorial here.

2. Stripes

Another timeless look for your walls. We recommend combining the colors of the furniture and creating a contrast between your wall stripes. You can choose between lots of ways to incorporate the lines: thin, thick, separated, nearby, contrasting, or subtle.

Check it out here.

3. Geometric pattern

Anything is possible with a bucket of paint and some thick blue tape. Actually, by doing this style on your walls, you probably will be saving more paint but, depending on the pattern you want to replicate, this could take some time. Nonetheless, this type of wall will look fantastic and attract many curious eyes.

See the full tutorial here.

4. Color wash (or ombre wall)

If mathematics and measurements are not your types, the color wash technique could be better fitting. This style of painting will add texture and depth to your walls and will allow you to get creative and spontaneous with the brushes. Coat your walls with satin paint then use a broad brush to put a nice glaze.

Take a look here.

5. Mountain mural

This mountain-style painting is for adventurous, crafty people. The process is flashy, and more than a few people may get intimidated, but it sure is rewarding at the end. Just look at this mountainscape wall that reflects so much depth and attracts the eyes. You’ll feel free in a room like this.

Read the full tutorial here.

6. Strié

Strié is the French word for streaking, and its the name of this painting technique that will leave your family and friends amazed with your walls. This style creates horizontal and vertical lines all over the layer of paint, which gives a warm vibe and fresh texture. Give it a try!

Check the full tutorial here.

7. Dot wall

If you don’t consider yourself crafty enough, then you should try this style. Incredibly DIY easy, this technique will be a cool update to your old room. It’s like a sprinkle of joy in the form of dots, perfect for the child’s room.

Give it a look here.

There you have it! We hope you find the right style for you, whether you are remodeling your kitchen, living room, or the kid’s room. And if you need some help with this task, don’t hesitate and call us. Contact us on our website, and we will be glad to give you a quotation and give you some advice.

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