7 Paint Colors That Will Brighten Your Low-lit Rooms

by Houston Texas Painters - April 4, 2022

When your home needs a makeover, adding a new color to your walls is always exciting. However, some homeowners seem to never hit the mark when choosing a color, especially for rooms where the sun doesn’t bring enough light. You might be in the same situation.

If you’re uncertain about which paint colors look best, here are some things to consider and seven colors that would look great in your rooms with low light.

Why does the paint look different when applied?

There are many reasons your color choices are different than expected, but the main one is light. Low light intake is a big issue, especially if your rooms are in a direction that avoids sun rays or has small windows.

Another unfortunate sun-blocker is other buildings in your neighborhood, casting large shadows on your property. When it gets dark, the type of light bulbs used also affects how you see the colors on your walls. Fortunately, you can still paint with these hurdles!

What to look for when choosing a paint color

Whichever color you choose will affect how light is applied to every room. Fair colors reflect light and result in a brighter room, while darker colors absorb light and can make the room feel apprehensive and smaller.

You might think white is a logical choice in this case; however, white spaces can look plain if you don’t have enough light in your rooms. The best kind of color is the one that makes your room feel more spacious, takes advantage of the low amount of light, and pleases the eye. 

Examples of great colors for low-light rooms

These seven homeowner’s favorites will improve how your rooms handle low light:

  • Pale yellow: This is as warm as it can get, embracing the sun-like tone without being too strong. A good companion for warm-toned furniture and great for the kitchen.
  • Bright orange: This cheerful choice will always welcome light coming from any window and works best in places where people gather, like the living room.
  • Lime green: Works exceptionally well on accent walls or all four walls. It offers a sense of energy and looks great in laundry rooms and bathrooms.
  • Pink: This color is a homeowner’s favorite when dealing with poorly lit rooms. However, make sure it’s a lighter tone; anything darker than a “watermelon pink” will make the room feel smaller; use a darker tone for an accent wall instead of the whole room.
  • Lavender: It’s a beautiful color that gets along with black, white, and gray. 
  • Soft gray: The best middle ground and not just for places with low light. This tone works in most homes, perfect for highlighting decoration and textiles.
  • Powder blue: This traditional color will brighten up even the darkest room. It complements white details from bathrooms and contrasts nicely with dark wood furniture.

Quick tips to improve your room’s lighting

Besides color, there are a couple of things you should consider when dealing with poorly lit rooms:

  • Check your furniture: If your furniture is dark-colored, be careful; your paint choice might absorb more light instead of contrasting tones nicely. For example, a “cold gray,” combined with a dark couch or shelving, will make your room look drab.
  • Change your lightbulbs: Full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs are pretty close to natural sunlight and will let you see color accurately. In contrast, halogen bulbs produce white light that mimics sunlight and can make any room appear naturally brighter. Choose wisely, depending on how much light enters your room.

Hire professional painters

You can always trust professionals to take care of painting, ensuring a quality job and the best color for your walls. Houston Texas Painters have the experience and knowledge that your painting project needs. Book now and make an easy color selection with our Sherwin-Williams color selection tool.

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