7 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Paint Your Wall

by Houston Texas Painters - October 23, 2018

7 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Paint Your Wall

Do you want to give a room in your home a new look? Sometimes, one small detail can drastically change the whole interior of a room, and help create a unique and inspiring atmosphere at home.

There are more things you can do with a huge blank wall, however, than paint it with a single solid color or give it a simple contrasting trim. All you need is a blank wall and the following painting tips in order to create some very unique styles for your room or entire house.


Check out these seven brilliant yet straightforward ways to paint your wall!


1. Patterned roller painting

Patterned paint rollers make painting a wall fun! It’s a paint roller that has little designs or pictures molded into their surface, just like a stamp. Then, there’s a second roller that you dip into the paint.

The patterned roller comes in contact with the wall, which brushes against the next roller to pick up paint then stamps it onto the wall as you roll down. This idea is an excellent way to create a smaller, more detailed pattern than a stencil will allow for. They also make it simpler to paint your wall in a more uniformed manner.

2. Ombre wall

An ombre wall is essentially a wall with a gradient, or three different tones of the same color that create a very beautiful “sunset” look. Ombre walls let you choose up to three different colors if you can’t decide on one!  Check out their tutorial on how to make paint designs on walls!

Get three different colors from the same color family – one light, one medium, and one dark. Make sure to fully prepare, prime and put tape on your chosen area. Use a roller to coat the entire wall in the lightest shade, medium shade, then the darkest.

3. Light switch and socket art

If you’re a talented artist, you can incorporate your hand painting designs and patterns. Without having the bright details, you can paint only around the light switch or electrical socket, for example. It will give the room a unique twist and it won’t overwhelm the rest of the decor.

4. Textured world map

This next idea is for people who love traveling. You can use this hand-painted map to tell your friends and families about your latest adventure. You can also stick pictures in every new place that you travel to.

With the help of Cosmos Up, this stunning hand-painted world map can be a centerpiece on your wall by adding texture like terrain on the continents using sponging techniques.

5. Brushed bristle effect

There are almost endless ways to make creative little marks in the paint to give it more appeal than a regular solid paint job. The Brushed Bristle Effect is one of the most exciting ways you can design your wall. It’s not difficult to do, and with its visual texture, it won’t look too crazy.

Use the wicker broom technique to achieve this look. Just brush the bristles of the broom down the wall from ceiling to floor to create a bristle effect.

6. Wall stenciling

Stenciling is one of the most natural techniques that you can use to design your wall. It’s also one of the most pleasing because it gives you such neat and clean edges when it’s done correctly.

Here are some excellent tips and tricks for you! With their tutorial, it teaches you how to make the stencil from scratch instead of buying one. You can fully customize it how you please!

7. Poem stanza wall

Seeing your favorite poem painted on your wall can inspire you throughout the day. Just like the stenciled text wall art, you can do lovely word art on your wall.

From the stunning feature on Home Designing, you can recreate their design or look up something on the internet. You can opt for an elegant cursive font and a lovely, meaningful quote to be stenciled above your bed just like a second headboard.Just in case you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try these easy paint designs for walls we have gathered above. For a more exceptional looking paint, you can hire a professional painter and give them your ideas.

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