7 Steps to Hiring Professional Painters

by Houston Texas Painters - March 15, 2017

Home Wall Painting Houston

Changes in the color of your walls can make your home shine. That’s why hiring painters in Houston, Texas can help. Here are some tips to finding the help you need:

Start with recommendations

Reach out to friends and family for help and tips. Recommendations and referrals are solid and often lead you in the right direction. Don’t toss those away, says This Old House.

Go online

If you couldn’t come up with any useful leads, no worries. Go online and search for property painters in your area. Scour through the search results until you have enough to make for a proper shortlist of candidates.

Interview them

Face to face interaction via interviews can do a lot to strengthen your resolve to hire a painting company or contractor—or look for help elsewhere. So put in a call and set up an appointment right away. You could do the interview in person or through a video call.

Prepare a list

It can be easy to lose track of the essentials during an interview, especially when you find a contractor you like. To keep things from going astray, go into the interview with a list of questions you prepared in advance. One look at that list can help you steer the conversation in the right direction.

Know the facts

Cover the basics. Is the painting company licensed? Are the contractors licensed, bonded and insured? Insurance coverage protects you from any huge financial losses in case of a heath accident or emergency.

Do some legwork

Request for a list of past clients and call them up. A good, professional painting company won’t have any qualms handing that list over to you. If they keep giving you reasons why this isn’t possible, that might be a red flag telling you to move on to the next company on your list.

Agree on payment schedules

Once you finally choose a painting service, be sure to agree on the kind of payment schedule that works for both parties. If the project is huge one, you want to start with a 10 percent advance to cover painting costs. Then start to evenly space apart the rest of the payment throughout the duration of the project with 25 percent each. End it with a 15 percent payment, after you look over everything and confirm that the project has been completed.

With help from professional painters in Houston, Texas, you could get the home remodel you’ve always wanted—with less fuss and stress.

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