8 DIY Crafts and Treats For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

by Houston Texas Painters - October 21, 2019
8 DIY Crafts and Treats For Your Thanksgiving Dinner - Houston Texas Painters

Are you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner but don’t have much in the way of decoration? Creating a cozy, seasonal atmosphere is perhaps the hardest part of hosting any kind of holiday. The room just has to feel like whatever it is you’re celebrating, but where can you even start? Well, we’re here to help! We’ve collected our favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas for dinner table decorations.

Not only will the family love them, but they’re also great for making conversation. Of course, we gather DIY like inexpensive thanksgiving table decorations for the benefit of your finances.  Without further ado, here are 8 DIY crafts and treats for your Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Waxed Fall Leaves

Waxed leaves showcasing the colors of autumn are a staple of many Thanksgiving crafts, so why pay so much for them when you can easily make yours? Even if you don’t have a specific craft in mind that requires the use of these little beauties, you can still use them around the house or add them to your existing decorations, such as centerpieces. This tutorial is all you will need, it’s super easy!

2. Turkey Veggie Tray

Thanksgiving dinner is infamous for how long it can take to be ready for all to enjoy, so this charming turkey-shaped veggie tray will keep even your crankier relatives occupied without taking their appetite away. The recipe uses green beans, bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers, but you can use pretty much any type of vegetable that you can julienne and fan out in the shape of a turkey’s feathers! The dip is something else you can change, but the one that’s already there is delicious.

3. Gratitude Garland

It’s right there in the holiday’s name! This is a time that many people use to reflect on all the good things in their lives, so why not make those feelings of gratitude a part of your home decoration? This garland is a fantastic way for your family to get involved and to share with others what they are grateful for, and it’s definitely one of the best conversation starters out there. You can hang it in combination with other decorations!

4. DIY Cornucopia

You have seen them in paintings, movies, TV shows, drawings, and pretty much any other type of Thanksgiving media, but have you actually ever seen it in real life? This is your chance! This fantastic treat is completely edible and it looks amazing as a centerpiece for your dinner table. All you need is pre-made pizza crust (we told you it was delicious) and some aluminum foil; the treats inside are up to you.

5. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

If you love autumn so much that you want to make your whole house smell like it, this is the craft that you’ve been waiting for. They’re so simple to do that we’d ruin it just by talking about it here, so how about you just make them yourself and see what they’re all about? Make an extra couple of them and spread around the house or the bathroom so your whole family can enjoy them that night!

6. Thanksgiving Rice Krispie Turkey Legs

If someone in your family doesn’t like Rice Krispies, we assume they’re not invited for dinner, right? This classic treat is tasty and easy to make, but you can give them a seasonal twist by shaping them like turkey legs. You can either bring them out as part of dessert or have them waiting on each guest’s plate as they arrive at your home. However you choose to present them, they’re sure to be a hit! Make sure that you have enough for everybody.

7. Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin

Autumn is the season for preserves, and if you’re already an avid canner, you probably have many of these lying around the kitchen. Even if you aren’t, they’re super easy to find for cheap. These not only look charming and rustic, but they can also make the room smell nice by turning pieces of cinnamon sticks into the pumpkin stem. Ad a little piece of burlap, and there you have it! Easy and adorable little Thanksgiving decoration.

8. Turkey Leaf Lanterns

Any situation can be made much better with mood lighting, that’s just a fact of life. Turn a basic jar (perhaps a leftover from your ring pumpkin?) into an adorable turkey-themed lantern that will make the room even cozier than it already is. Whether you place them around the living room while your family takes a nap from eating all that delicious food or on the table for the dinner itself, they’re fantastic.

What do you think? Any of these will be a hit at your dinner, and they’re the best way to decorate your home for autumn outside of giving it a fresh coat of paint. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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