8 Of The Latest Home Decor Trends For 2020

by Houston Texas Painters - January 6, 2020

A new year, and a new decade, has begun. A fresh design and a bolder style have emerged from the designers’ houses, and it’s making its way into everyday homes. Do you want to know the latest home decor trends for 2020? Keep reading and get inspired!

1. Vintage accents

Since the last decade, vintage has always been a trend. It looks like people are craving more rustic and traditional detailing in their homes, like spindles, and spooled legs furniture. Designers are predicting that these vintage trends are going to stay but in newer ways. Not everything is going to be old-fashioned, perhaps just one or two pieces of furniture, like beds and cabinets. 

2. Canopy beds

For those who yearn canopy beds, this is year is the time to make that fantasy come true. Not only is your bed is going to look more vintage, but also the hanging cloth will provide a private zone that separates the person from the cold and noisy world. Look for modern canopy beds; recent versions are more practical and easy to install.

3. Goodbye pale colors

Most of the 2020 home decor ideas use dark colors. This new year designers and homeowners started to add some dark undertones in specific areas or furniture. Contrast is the key. The way pale colors make the dark ones to highlight more. So, this year expect to find little elements in black, like a chair’s frame; and forget about painting your kitchen white.

4. Olive trees

Last year, the fiddle leaf fig was the plant that predominated in homes. It’s bright green leaves were an excellent living room complement. But now, the grayish-green olive tree is a more subtle feature, a sophisticated sage plant.

5. Antique art

People are looking back to past centuries, and antique art is a great way to bring a vintage vibe to your walls. Art looks aged and has a story; these are two essential elements that 2020 decor trends are going to use often. So now that you know it, it’s time for you to grow your art collection.

6. Color-pop cabinets

White colors in the kitchen are out. Say hello to strong-colored cabinets. Choose one or several elements of your kitchen, like the island or wall cabinets, and paint them blue navy or dark red. You’ll cook in a more robust and steady environment.

7. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are here to stay. This decor trend has been inside homes for a while, and it has a lot of supporters and detractors. Either way, professional designers predict that there will be more modern options for decorative flower elements. You can find metallic version of wallpapers, bolder colors, and larger scales.

8. Mosaics

Or, if you’re not that into flower decor, surely you’ll find a mosaic that pleases your eyes. 2020 decor trends have no place for flat decorations. This is the time to be daring and stamp your furniture with your favorite mosaic, or strengthen your walls with drawn patterns.

Feeling inspired? We hope this year your home looks exactly how you want it. Remember, if you need help with a painting session or remodeling, contact us, and we help you do the work.

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