9 DIY Christmas Decorations To Embellish Your Home

by Houston Texas Painters - December 23, 2020
9 DIY Christmas Decoration to Embellish Your Home

It’s almost Christmas, but there’s always time for more decorations, especially if they are low-budget DIY ones. If you have small children eager to participate in the holiday preparations or you simply want crafty ornaments, then this is the blog for you. Please keep reading and discover our favorite DIY eco-friendly Christmas decor.

  1. Floating candles

With natural and easy-to-find materials like berries, ferns, and mason jars, you can build lovely floating candles. Find some votive candles that aren’t too tall so they can float. The trick to make an eye-grabbing decoration is the colors, so you better focus on the red berries and the green cedar.

  1. Tin can snowman

Don’t toss your tin cans after supper; instead, collect them and build an adorable snowman. You’ll need three tin cans in varying sizes, buttons for the eyes, nose, mouth, also some twigs, a black belt, and most importantly, white paint. Your family is going to love it!

  1. Toilet roll tube snowflakes

If you’re feeling crafty, then you have to try this one. Your tools: a pair of scissors, glue, and white paint. The material: every-day toilet roll tubes. Be patient and persistent, and you will create lovely snowflakes.

  1. Snowman from milk jugs

In part, we love making snowmen because small children adore them and because they make a great and colorful decoration and can be built with almost everything. Keep those empty milk jugs at hand and decorate them with yarn and foam. For the final touch: insert some Christmas lights inside.

  1. Lollipop stick snowflakes

Want your kids to stay busy? Teach them to make lollipop stick snowflakes. This is an almost effortless activity that you can do a few days before Christmas. However, the results will be a lovely background for your home.

  1. Plastic spoon Christmas tree

Making decorations with plastic spoons is almost therapeutic when you learn it properly. Plus, these small Christmas trees are zero-waste and will look lovely in your living room or as a centerpiece for the dinner table.

  1. Wrapping paper wreath

Save some wrapping paper from your Christmas gifts and create a colorful and eco-friendly wreath for your home. This decoration might seem complicated at first, but you will end up with a beautiful ornamental crown for your living room if you follow the instructions correctly.

  1. Salt dough ornaments

Salt dough ornaments are a holiday classic, not to mention low waste and budget-friendly. You will need salt, flour, cinnamon, warm water to make the dough, and a string or ribbon to hang them. Remember that this isn’t an edible ornament!

  1. Table runner

Ready for a casual and cozy Christmas table setting? Gather some pomegranates, sticks of cinnamon, and various holiday greenery to make a lovely mix. With this table runner, you will make your Christmas dinner look even better.

We hope you enjoy making these Christmas decorations at home. Remember to be patient and involve the whole family in the process. However, if you need a more complex handy work for your home, don’t hesitate to call Houston Texas Painters or visit the official website.

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