Add Life To Your Workspace With These Great Painting Tips

by Houston Texas Painters - July 1, 2018

Add Life To Your Workspace With These Great Painting Tips

Businesses now understand that their most important goal is to provide their employees with the right tools at the office to spark their creativity, stimulate communication and increase their productivity.

But a work environment should also empower the traits and qualities people need to perform at their best.

One way to do that is with a subtle palette of colors that will motivate employees or keep them vitalized in the office, so keep on reading to know some essential tips.  

Here are painting tips & techniques to consider for painting different types of offices and workspaces.


Consider the business or industry.

If you have a more serious company, neutral color schemes are the best. If you want to convey a sense of energy to the décor, select warm and vibrant colors like yellow or orange, considering they are not overwhelming. Your employees will see and determine how the office’s paint colors are based on their personality.

Feng shui experts usually recommend light shades of yellow for offices since these are good for creativity and knowledge related matters.

For a more calming effect, experts advise shades like blue-green. For offices used by designers, writers, one can choose shades like yellow, orange and red. For engineers, the use of reduced browns, tans and grays help impact the mind and also helps with concentration. Cooler colors like blue and green are an idea for stressful jobs like those of a lawyer, accountant, etc. as this help stimulate relaxation and calm.

Consider the availability of space.

For small office spaces, one can choose office paint colors like white, beige, cream, and others, especially for the ceilings as this can help create an illusion of a larger room. Conversely, darker colors are ideal for large office rooms as these can make the room more compact and cozy.

Pay attention to color saturation.

The saturation of color is more vital than the color itself. It means that the intensity of the color is the factor that primarily affects the worker’s performance and behavior rather than hue itself. Thus, a bright and robust color will stimulate while a lighter color with lower saturation will soothe.


Best Office and Workspaces Painting Tips and Ideas That You Can Choose


Blue stimulates the Mind

Using blue for offices occupied by accountants or other professionals who need to do a great deal of mental work. We also recommend using blue with dashes of orange to help balance the mind work and add a bit of emotion to the décor.

Yellow excites the Emotions

This cheerful color makes for ideal office paint colors as it encourages ego as well as the spirit. It is suitable for designers and other areas where creativity is needed.

Green is for Balance

Use green in your office color ideas especially where money is going to change hands frequently. Green brings balance, calm and reassurance.

Red impacts the Body

Red helps show stimulus and physical strength. It is ideal for gyms owners, offices for contractors and builders that meet with clients because this color would make a social and talkative atmosphere for business meetings.

Choosing the right color for your office is a tough choice, so hiring a professional painter will make things easier for you! They will help you with your painting needs and give you professional advice when choosing painting your office with a new hue.

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