What are the Benefits of Painting Your Garage Floors?

by Houston Texas Painters - January 8, 2018

What are the Benefits of Painting Your Garage Floors

It’s safe to say that your garage floor takes more of a beating than any other area of your home. Garage floors are abused and left as is because no one chooses to clean them, especially when it looks like it’s beyond help! Unfortunately, that leaves an unsightly and very unsanitary garage floor.

For those of you who are tired of looking at the eyesore that your garage floor has become, cleaning and painting it could very well mean the end of those flooring nightmares! With that said, here’s a look at some of the benefits of painting the garage floor.


  1. Lesser Dust

The accumulation of dust on unfinished concrete is enough to get you sneezing after one sweeping motion with a broom. Furthermore, dust and dirt that settles onto your garage floor get tracked into your house when you or your kids walk in and out. To avoid this, a coat of paint over the concrete will reduce the amount of dust on the floor significantly, while making it easier and quicker to sweep up.


  1. Prevents Staining and Bacteria Growth

When the garage itself is often a slightly stuffy and humid place,  the buildup of mold and mildew on your unfinished concrete floors is very likely. What’s more, any chemical or grease spills can leave permanent stains which add to all the ugliness!  Painted concrete will not only help keep mold and mildew at bay for much longer periods, but it also allows you to clean up spills and remove stains before they set in.


  1. Brightens up the Room

Garages tend to be dull, dingy rooms that need as much unnatural light as possible to brighten them. Unfinished concrete floors have a lot to do with that because they absorb light. Consider painting garage floors to brighten the garage, perhaps using a lemon yellow or off-white paint so you can see how much brighter with just a single lighting source!


  1. Easier to Clean

In general, cleaning and maintaining painted garage floors is more comfortable than unfinished concrete. Apart from lesser dust and dirt accumulation, the smooth surface makes sweeping and mopping (with a slightly damp mop) quick, easy, and efficient!


  1. It’s Inexpensive

The cost of paints for garage floors and the labor to do the job isn’t very expensive. What’s nice is that the paint for the floor can dry very quickly when the garage door is left open. Many homeowners opt to paint their garage floors themselves since their mistakes are not as noticeable as the ones on their interior walls.  


  1. Added Perks

There are many varieties of paints to choose from for your garage floors; however, we suggest a 2-part epoxy paint which is a little more costly than 1-part epoxy and relatively cheaper than acrylics. The significant difference between these options is that 2-part epoxy is far more durable and has a better resistance to mold, water, car fluids, etc. Along with these benefits, you can opt for anti-skid epoxy paints which make your garage floors less slippery even when grease or oil is spilled on them.

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