Choosing The Right Exterior Paint Colors: A Quick Guide

by Houston Texas Painters - July 5, 2021
Houston Texas Painters - Choosing The Right Exterior Paint Colors A Quick Guide

Exterior painting can give your home a fresh look and increase curb appeal. However, choosing the right exterior paint hue isn’t just picking your favorite color! You have to consider the roof undertone, your home style, and even the sunlight!

Learn how to choose the best exterior paint colors for your home!

The basic exterior painting rules

Most exterior painting schemes are comprised of three different colors:

  • The field color covers most of the house sidings, and it’s usually neutral.
  • Blending or contrasting smoothly with the main exterior hue, the trim color includes the fascia boards, window trims, and roofing.
  • The accent color is usually the brightest of the three and includes the door, shutters, and other small details.

A homeowner may prioritize the field color, ignoring the trim and details in the house. However, choosing the color this way will likely leave you with an odd color scheme.

The first step is recognizing what you already have and narrowing down your options!

Narrow down your options

Look at your house style 

The first thing to consider before choosing the exterior color scheme for your home is the architectural style. Does your home have a Mediterranean style, or is it more of a ranch-style house? Though there are no hard rules, looking for similar style homes could give you ideas about which color pallets fit your house better. 

Look out for ideas in the neighborhood

Looking at the other homes in your neighborhood can give you some ideas about the combinations you can make. No one said that your exterior painting has to be 100% your idea!


The web is a great place to look for examples too! Check out a few examples to inspire yourself!

Include elements you already have

Although you can paint the sidings, other colors in your home exterior are there to stay. But don’t worry; most of them can work as accents! 

However, fixed colors in the sidings and trim will narrow down your options and determine what hue you can use. For example, if your walls have stone or brick, your chosen field color has to blend smoothly with it.

Try out your color choice

Use a virtual tool

When it comes to choosing paint colors, you need to be able to see them. If you know how to take advantage of technology, you may be wondering if there’s an app for it. We have good news for you! Many tools like ColorSnap can help you search for different variations and shades to visualize them in a virtual environment!

Pick a warmer shade

A trick to get the exact hue you want is choosing a warmer shade for the paint. The color might seem perfect when you see it in a paint chip or a virtual tool. However, once in your home exterior, it will look different. The reason is simple: sunlight turns every color brighter and cooler. 

When you see a color you like, ask for at least two tones warmer!

Test the colors outside

As we already mentioned, sunlight can make a color look very different from the paint chip. Also, seeing how it contrasts with the roof or the door can help you make the decision. You won’t be sure if a color is right for your home until you try it!

Get samples to paint some boards and put them outside your home. Try them in different light conditions. For example, place them on both the north and south sides of your home or during different hours of the day.

Hiring painting contractors in Houston

The whole exterior painting process can be a hassle, but you don’t have to do it yourself. Hire Houston Texas Painters to give your home a fresh look! We guarantee our results because we have the experience and the technology to provide you with a perfect paint job! Reach us on our website and get your estimate now!

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