Christmas 2019 Decorations on a Budget

by Houston Texas Painters - November 18, 2019
Christmas Decorations on a Budget

Christmas is the time of year to spend with friends and family and to celebrate our love for one another. During this boisterous holiday season, we are filled with the giving spirit and are delighted to see the joy in our family’s eyes as they wake up on Christmas morning and gather around the tree with its many decorations and bright lights and many wonderful presents. Unfortunately, Christmas is not inexpensive and we often struggle to find ways to cut corners during this holiday season. A great way to save money is with cheap Christmas decorations. 


The best way to save money during Christmas is to make your own Christmas decorations. There are many areas you can tackle to save money. For instance, you can make tree decorations, garland, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, window hangings, window clings, wreaths, nature décor, and so much more.

Dollar Store

Another way to cut corners is to shop your local dollar store. This is a great place to purchase inexpensive decorations when sticking to a budget. And if you are looking to make decorations, this is also a cheap place to buy supplies for your crafts. Dollar stores are ripe with many products for Christmas such as stockings, bows and ribbons, garland, trees, candy canes, ornaments, and Christmas décor.


When shopping ads, be aware of the dates. Not only shop the paper ads but be aware of online deals and discounts during the Christmas season. Big-name stores like Amazon, Overstock,, and host many only sales throughout the month of December. Perhaps the largest sale of the year is Black Friday. When taking on Black Friday sales know ahead of time what you want to buy, map out where it will be in the store (some stores like Walmart have maps), wear  comfortable clothing, bring a friend, pack snacks, and be prepared to be at the store camping out several hours before the event goes live. Above all be safe!


Christmas is a wonderful time of year to breathe new life into old things. Recycling offers you an ample supply of resources to create budget-friendly decorations. You can also take old, worn-out decorations and turn them into different Christmas décor. Small everyday objects of special meaning could also be repurposed into decorations and displayed around the house or on the tree. Old silverware and dishes also make a fun platform for unlimited holiday possibilities.

Flea Markets/Thrift Stores

The hunt is on! Sometimes, the best part about finding a good deal is in the hunt and there’s no better place than flea markets and thrift stores. Like the big box stores, these bargain shops market to sell and therefore place all their Christmas items out en masse display. At flea markets, it’s all about the haggle so be prepared and put on your best game face. Thrift stores are more about supply and demand…get there, see it, buy it first. Either location will likely offer some of the cheapest deals for Christmas decorating on a tight budget.

So take a moment to enjoy the holidays as they were meant to be enjoyed. Celebrate the season sitting around that beautifully decorated tree while listening to Bing Crosby singing in the background. Watch joyfully as presents pass from hand to hand and know that your time and money were spent the right way…on the family.

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