Curtains or Blinds—Which is Better For Your Home?

by Houston Texas Painters - July 30, 2018

Curtains or Blinds Which is Better For Your Home

One of the most unattended areas when it comes to decorating a home is the windows. Most of you don’t think much about how you should dress bare windows. It’s more than decoration, as window coverings are essential to keep pesky sunlight and other things that might invade your home.

For most, it boils down to these two – curtains or blinds. But which are best for your home? Don’t worry! We’ve gathered a quick guide below to help you decide. If you want to learn more, let’s jump in!

Here are things to consider when choosing blinds as your window treatment.


When it comes to blinds, it particularly useful in your kitchen. While they accumulate dust quickly, it’s easy to clean—with the help of a vacuum. You can also use a wipe-clean fabric to clean and manage the specks of dust, although people with an allergic reaction to dust might have an issue here. These blinds can also fit a window precisely in which they offer excellent energy savers.

Blinds Pros

  • Lots of colors and designs available
  • Different slat size and thickness options
  • Can offer good energy saving that fits your window
  • Cheaper than made to measure curtains
  • Cleaner, more minimal interior design feel
  • More durable than curtains
  • Can be used anywhere in a home
  • Can filter in the light
  • Easier to clean and maintain

Blinds Cons

  • Not as good at completely blocking out light
  • Not as many textures available (but still a good range)
  • Slat blinds aren’t as good energy savers


Here are the pros and cons when you choose curtains as your window treatment.


Using curtains can add a luxurious finish to any room. With their thick material, it is perfect for keeping your room nice and cozy while blocking any drafts from windows. They can also make a room look less bare as their attractive design can add a character to the place.

A curtain with the blackout linings works very well for bedrooms as they have few light gaps when you compare them to specific types of blinds. Curtains also come in a mixture of styles, fabrics, colors, and thicknesses,  – like blinds – but the fabric options in particular, and the color and feel of these fabrics used to make curtains a popular choice with interior design fanatics as they can match to a color scheme or theme.

Regarding durability, blinds are likely more durable being made of wood versus cloth curtains, since the material that can become moth-eaten, stained or moldy – as you can imagine, curtains in bathrooms and kitchens have a considerable risk of mold and stains because of the constant moisture in the air.

Curtains Pros

  • Lots of colors and designs available
  • More textures available
  • Different thickness options
  • Can offer good energy saving as fewer gaps
  • Suitable for creating a particular atmosphere interior design
  • Blackout curtains better for blocking out light

Curtains Cons

  • Not as durable as blinds
  • Made-to-measure curtains more expensive than made-to-measure blinds
  • Most not suitable for bathrooms/kitchens
  • Can reduce energy saving if covering radiators
  • Can’t filter in light; must be either open or closed
  • Can become moldy, stained or moth-eaten
  • Harder to clean

It’s hard to say whether shades are better than curtains as a whole because it all comes down to what you fancy in your home, what you need and blinds vs. curtains price. Consider what you require and whether energy savings are a huge factor for you.

Reasonably you could opt for blinds in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and probably enjoy both the plush feel and light-controlling blinds or curtains for living room and bedrooms! If you want to match your blinds to the scheme of your home, hire a professional painter and get a free designer consultation!

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