Essential And DIY Disinfectants For Preventing COVID-19 At Home

by Houston Texas Painters - April 24, 2020

Surely, during the COVID-19 lockdown, there will be a couple of times when you go to the stores and supermarkets and find no Lysol or hand sanitizer. Although soap is your most important ally during these pandemic times, these other disinfecting products are handy. That’s why we make this blog about homemade cleaners, so you can learn about the essential cleaning products and how to make with them your own DIY household cleaners.

Isopropyl alcohol

You may know this one as rubbing alcohol. This substance has disinfecting qualities when left on surfaces for more than 30 seconds, but it might discolor some plastics, so make sure you run a test in a small spot first. Rubbing alcohol is water-soluble, but remember that the concentration needs to be at least 70% to kill viruses.

Hydrogen peroxide

The CDC confirms that hydrogen peroxide is effective against many microorganisms like yeasts, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. This is a potent cleaner, so a 3% solution is enough to kill the cold virus after six to eight minutes of exposure.

Household bleach

Bleach is another strong chemical disinfectant that can kill numerous bacteria and viruses when appropriately diluted. The CDC says that four teaspoons of bleach per 1 quart of water are enough to create a powerful formula, but remember to let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes for better results. Also, never mix bleach with other cleaners because you can create dangerous components that could compromise your health. Avoid mixing ammonia, alcohol, or vinegar with bleach.

Now that you know your three most essential cleaning allies, it’s time to make some DIY cleaner formulas with them. 

DIY hand sanitizer

You can do your own hand sanitizer at home but follow the right guidelines, so the final solution is effective and kind to your skin. According to Ajith Karunarathe, a cellular chemist at the University of Toledo, the formula for hand sanitizer has to have at least 90% or alcohol concentration. For obtaining these results, you can use regular rubbing alcohol (which regularly has 90%).

So, for starters, mix three parts of alcohol with one part aloe vera gel. The aloe vera will prevent your skin from drying out. Also, you can add a few drops of essential oil to obtain a pleasant scent. And that’s about it! If you don’t have aloe vera gel you can also scrap the leaves of an aloe plant, just cut the sides of a leaf, remove the skin and scrape the gel with a spoon.

DIY reusable disinfecting wipes

Some folks are making disposable disinfecting wipes, but why bother if you can make your own reusable wipes? Make the environment and your wallet a favor and try this out: cut a cotton fabric like a T-shirt into squares about the same size of a commercial wipe, then soak these cloths in bleach or a mixture of two parts isopropyl alcohol and one part water.

Store your new disinfecting wipes in a sealed container, use them and store them in another box, wash them using hot water setting in the washing machine, and finally re-soak them in your bleach solution again. That’s the whole cycle. Enjoy!

Piece of cake, right? We hope you gain some peace of mind with these DIY cleaning products. However, if you want to continue your home projects during the lockdown, we can help you. Contact us on our online page.

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