Exciting Exterior Painting Color Combinations to Inspire You

by Houston Texas Painters - February 13, 2018

Exterior Painting Color Combinations

Going from the old classic to a bolder tone, flaunt your style outside your home! Be inspired by these exterior paint shade schemes for 2018!

Color Combo #1: Ivory + White + Aqua

Symmetrical homes induce a sense of elegance, formality, and heritage. Get in touch with traditions by using a lighter-shade palette bounded by darker accents. This softens and blends with its surroundings while having a bright blue door highlights the classy architecture of the entryway.

Color Combo #2: Mustard Yellow + Brown + Honeysuckle White

Have a home giving a subtle nod to Tudor style because of brown accents but is entirely modern with a bright paint of mustard yellow. To make it look better, opt for a neutrally stained wooden door.

Color Combo #3: Aqua + Royal Purple + Crispy White

This color combination is perfect for homes situated nearby the beach or seaside. You can paint the front door an unexpected hue like royal purple for a playful but stylish feel.

Color Combo #4: Slate Gray + White + Deep Turquoise

Experience elegance and sophistication with a muted blue-gray color scheme accentuated by white trims. Try painting a deep navy-turquoise to complement the slate gray wood shade.

Color Combo #5: Cool Green + Butter Yellow + Pure White

This fresh color palette will make an excellent choice for homes in a woodland setting. Combining with nature’s tones is a definite way to imbibe a calm and serene abode.

Color Combo #6: Apricot + Peach Cream + Green

If you want to shift the focus at your front door, try coating your exterior with like shades of one color family. In this combination, neutral hues of peach will direct the eye to let’s say the green front door.

Color Combo #7: Cheerful Yellow + Cinnamon + Pure White

Own a modern beach house? Try painting it with a custard yellow feel, grounded by a cinnamon painted front door to give a warm vibe in the sun. The pure white accents on the windows can make you feel a crisp and clean vibe.

Color Combo #8: Green + Celestial Blue + Cotton White

If you want your house to blend in with the environment, paint it with a color palette that matches its surroundings yet makes a curb appeal. A home coated with a soft pine green base is better with an accent of sky blue and creamy white door.

Color Combo #9: Taupe + Beige + Brown + Rustic Red

This eye-catching traditional exterior is rooted in its landscape with an earthy palette of taupe, beige, brown and red. Choose muted hues for a warm, sun-baked look.

Color Combo #10: Olive Green + Oak + White

If you have a Craftsman-style home with intricate architectural details, stick to muted tones to allow your home’s design to shine.

Color Combo #11: Canary Yellow + Soft Gray

You typically see modern style homes dressed in neutral tones, but the saturated yellow exterior of this home makes a statement. To subdue the mood, a soft gray covers most of the front surface, while the yellow is present in smaller doses.

Color Combo #12: Crabapple + Blue Gray + Beige

Create a bold feel with earthy and warm red, a color that looks exceptional in traditional homes. Pair with a cool blue door and beige shutters for a classy all-American vibe.

Color Combo #13: Sky Blue + Cream + Green-Tinted Beige

Have your home show off its bold shade exterior like one with a sky blue tone with cream and beige. During cloudy days, your home will surely be the brightest one on the block!

Color Combo #14: Clay + Bitter Chocolate Brown

Gain inspiration for your color palette from your home’s materials. This Southwest-style home uses tones of natural clay and dark brown, as seen in the natural stone and woodwork.

Color Combo #15: Peach + Reddish Brown + Cream

Many Victorian homes showcase an explosion of colors in their exterior paint schemes. Not your style? Keep it soothing and simple: warm peach siding laced with red-tinted brown and cream trim.

Once you choose the color theme you want for your home’s exterior, you can always call the Houston Texas Painters to do the painting for you!

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