Festive Christmas Window Paint Ideas You Should Check Out

by Houston Texas Painters - December 8, 2017

Festive Christmas Window Paint Ideas You Should Check Out

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! The bells are ringing, children are singing, snow is falling, and Santa Claus is coming! It’s Christmas time!

Oh wait, it’s also that time of the year! It’s that time of the year when you spent hours just searching for the perfect decorating ideas for your windows. No worries! Here are some creative ideas to paint your window for the holiday season!

First, select the Paint and the Method you want to use.

Ready to use:

  • Crayola Window Crayons
  • Non-toxic Window Paints and Writers  
  • Glass Wax – just pour into a bowl, dab with a sponge and paint over the stencils

Mixing Required:

  • Powdered Tempra mixed with water and a little dish soap.  The dish soap makes it easy to wash off.


  • Stencils are very easy to work with.  You can pick from holiday-themed packages to single designs like bells or bows. You can even make your own from shiny poster boards using cookie cutters or play dough shapes to trace onto the paper.  Then cutting them out.
  • Freehand style painting is a little more difficult but we have some great ideas and tricks for decor listed here.


Fun Ideas to Paint Your Windows For the Christmas Season


For Easy Decorations – that even young children can do

You can use recyclable materials like paper cups to draw various sizes of circles and fill them in, so they resemble Christmas ornaments. Older children and adults can add stripes to those circles or use stencils to paint small stars or crosses on them. Include a few solid silver or gold balls for a more festive masterpiece. You can also add bows in different colors.

For another easy design, you can trace a large paper plate on the window, with a smaller plate for the center hole to form wreaths. Then paint it green or any other color you want and decorate with little circles and ribbons around it. If you have small cookie cutters or little play dough shapes, you can use those to add ornaments to the wreath.

Frosty the snowman is also an automatic, easy pick. Just draw three different-sized circles, a face, hands as branches and a carrot nose then he’s done! If you have toddlers, they could ‘paint’ their hands and put them on the glass for Frosty’s own.


Favorite Holiday Characters

Whether it’s Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or Baby Jesus in a Manger, you can make a more detailed painting for your window.  This kind of painting can be a fun project for the whole family!

Many would choose the quintessential holiday character – Santa Claus. You can choose to do either a plain or elaborate painting of him. Go for his happy face, red suit, hat, and a sack and sleigh behind him. Add a reindeer if you want to, or add  Rudolph and some elves helping Santa pack gifts in his sleigh.


Festive Decorative Scene

If you have a huge window and an artistic ability like no other, you can draw a panoramic scene of your choice. It can be one with snowy trees and hills with a church settled in the woods or Santa’s factory with elves wrapping gifts. If you prefer a more religious image, you could do the  Manger Scene or the Three Wise Men with the North Star in the distance.


Personalize It

You may also want your window decor to have a personal touch. You can use alphabet stencils to paint a personal message or Bible Verse on your windows.    If you want, you could add stencils of your pets or children to the window decor along with that holiday message.

These are just a few ideas for painting your windows for the holiday season.  There are many more designs available on the web, here are two links for you, Google and Pinterest.

Remember that while the key to the best design is imagination, the idea is just to have fun with the family.  So gather everyone together to share these ideas, then let your painters go!.  May your windows glow with the holiday spirit!

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