First Things First: The Right Order To Renovate A Home

by Houston Texas Painters - October 18, 2021

Are you tackling a major home renovation? Every project is unique! However, most home renovations follow a simple logic: plan, demolish, rebuild, and detail. Make sure you follow the proper order for your project! Otherwise, it can bring you unexpected expenses and delays! 

Learn here the proper order for every renovation project!

1. Planning phase

When renovating your home, what should you do first? Planning, of course! 

Home renovations involve several tasks and phases—each one with its own processes and waiting times. If you don’t have a comprehensive plan, the risk of skipping an important step or overlapping phases is higher. 

Keep in mind the following aspects when planning!

The renovation budget

A good plan starts with the budget! Consider every detail that would become an expense during the renovation—and not only the materials. Won’t you be able to use the kitchen? Add the extra costs of dining out too!

Once you have a realistic estimate of the total renovation expenses, add 10%-20% for unexpected costs.

DIY vs. hiring a professional

Part of planning is being honest with yourself to decide which tasks you can DIY and which will need a contractor. From a financial point of view, hiring a professional can be more convenient, even if you could do it yourself! 

However, many homeowners tackle major renovation projects by hiring contractors for some tasks while doing others themselves. For example, you could hire an experienced electrician for the electrical wiring work, but handle the interior decoration yourself!

2. Demolition phase

All renovation projects require a demolition phase. It could go from scrapping the old paint to tearing down a wall. If it’s your first time renovating your home, take this part seriously! Demolition is as complex as the renovations themselves. 

Pay special attention to safety practices, like turning off utilities and wearing protective gear.

Also, consider the way you’ll remove all the debris. In small projects, you could manage the cleaning by yourself. However, renting a roll-off dumpster or hiring a hauling service might be your best option in bigger projects!

3. Renovation phase

After the demolition phase, your home is a blank canvas. During the renovation itself, the importance of doing everything in the right order becomes more evident. 

Here is a rough order of work for most renovation projects.

Start with the structural improvements

Structural changes (like building wall studs or adding a window) should always go first. Keep in mind that a well-built home starts with a strong foundation and structure, so consider experts for this job!

Work behind the walls

Second in priority (but equally important) are your home entrails! Work in the plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems.


If you have already exposed your home’s systems, consider adding some improvements just to take advantage of the work done! Here are some ideas.

Remaining carpentry and drywall

Have you finished up working inside the walls? Time to add the remaining structures (like stair railing) and cover everything up! Drywall is usually the top choice for many homeowners, but it’s not the only one!

Floor installation and interior painting

When you are in this part of the process, choosing what to do next can be challenging. Both flooring and walls are crucial to your home interiors, and you want them to match! 

If you install the floor first, you can choose a color that blends well with the flooring hue. However, painting the walls can be messy for your floor! Usually, installing the flooring first is the safest choice—be prepared to use a lot of drip cloths!

Cabinetry and fixtures 

Installing the cabinets after painting will ensure a cleaner paint job. However, you need to be careful to avoid damages to your recently painted walls! Start with the higher cabinets and fixtures!  

4. Detailing phase

When you reach this phase, the renovation is almost complete. Most remaining things to do are focused on personalizing and making the home yours again! However, you should still consider hiring a professional for some tasks, like molding installations. 

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