Five Best Tips for Decorating Your Summer Home

by Houston Texas Painters - June 1, 2018

Five Best Tips for Decorating Your Summer Home

Furnishing your vacation house is very different from decorating your regular home. You need to find a way to balance your comfort, and style so you can enjoy being there.

Maybe it’s for you and your family, or just to put it up on AirBnB or for rent, but you always have to imagine a place you would feel comfortable taking your family to and paying full price for.

If you want a lovely summer home that your family can enjoy staying there, read on!


Here are five decorating tips for your home that you’ll surely love!


1. Think about function


Add more beds than you typically would, so you can accommodate more visitors. You can also use durable furnishings so that they can stand the wear and tear of constant use.

If the home is primarily used as an escape for you and your family, you have more freedom to set up space as you would your primary residence. Leave at least one guest room since vacation properties are perfect for hosting friends for the weekend.


2. Paint your summer home


If you want an instant upgrade for your vacation home, all you have to do is paint it. You can use an eggshell or satin finish on the walls and a semi-gloss finish on the trim. The semi-gloss finish on the trim is critical, and this finish gives it more of a pop.

You should choose a color that will bring the summer vibe in your vacation home. Jade green makes a room feel like a Caribbean oasis or Pale green a bright, airy, and tranquil enough to help you zone out and rest easy. But, it’s up to you! Choose a color that would give off a relaxing ambiance.

If you want a more professionally painted home, you can always seek and hire a professional painter.


3. Keep an open concept


Vacationers head to their summer homes to relax and spend time with family and friends, so making the space as welcoming as possible is great a way to make your vacation home stand out among the rest.

Large pieces of furniture and open central areas—like an extra-long dining table—is a real selling point. Be sure to include spacious living and dining spaces, so you have a place to entertain your friends and family.


4. Keep it consistent


Consistency is one of the most overlooked principles of interior design. When done right, it helps your home’s aesthetic feel purposely cohesive. Since it’s also a tool favored by professional designers, paying particular attention to consistency in your summer home will help it feel more like a faraway resort.


5. Pay extra attention to rooms


Design guest rooms with numbers in mind. A smart way to make space available for guests is putting two beds and a loveseat or sofa in guest rooms, while also keeping them comfortable.

When it comes to your master bedroom, be sure to be extra thoughtful. Whether you’ll use the vacation home yourself or rent it out, this room should be a getaway worth dreaming about.

Fresh color palettes, polished furniture,  and soft linens create a peaceful, calming ambiance for an afternoon nap or rainy day lounging. With these decorating tips for the bedroom in mind, you and your loved ones can experience a fun and stylish holiday all year-round.

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