Give Your Home A Fresh Look For Christmas

by Houston Texas Painters - December 8, 2020
Give Your Home a Fresh Look For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and there’s excitement all over. Chances are that you will move around some things in your home for Christmas, especially with pretty and shiny decorations or ornaments to get into the festivities. Right?

However, getting your home ready for Christmas shouldn’t be a stressor.

A few home remodeling ideas will help save the day (plus your cash), all as you make your home look like a palace. 

These home remodeling and renovation for Christmas ideas are what you need.

Give them a try!

1. Wall-Mounted Christmas Tree

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a traditional Christmas tree, or you’re not in the mood for a large, natural one either, don’t worry! You can fix a lovely tree into the current space too! There are lots of minimalistic Christmas tree designs that look good and are effortless to assemble.

You can blend it using multi-colored lights and all over the shelves to give the place a festive look.

2. Give Your Home A Paint

You don’t have to renovate the entire house to give it a WOW look. Little things such as providing your rooms with a coat of paint will do it. A new console table, placing some sweet-smelling candles all over, and hanging some family photos on the room will make your guests feel delighted.

You can even replace your cupboard handles to give your bathroom or kitchen a modern and smart look for reduced cost when doing home remodeling in Texas.

3. Work On The Flooring

If you’re having a few guests this year, consider checking your floor because this is one of the main things guests notice first. Torn carpet and squeaky floorboards might fail to pass the guest test. The chances are that you’ll get an earful on how you can fix your floor! Timber floor is the most common option as it’s super easy to clean.

Sometimes fixing such floors can be expensive, and if that’s the case, try floating timber woods or vinyl flooring, or just getting a nice, elegant rug in the meantime while you work on repairs next year. 

4. Replace The Fixtures

Outdated and old fixtures in your home might look drab! And you won’t enjoy the Christmas celebrations fully. If you wish your home to look at its best for a guest or just your household, be sure to replace all outdated fixtures with new, updated ones, or failing that, polish and clean them to make them shinier.

As you replace the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, be sure to replace the kitchen cabinet to match the updated sink fixtures. Don’t forget to get new rings and shower curtain rods while you are at it, too!


Remodeling your home for Christmas might feel like a chore instead of fun, but think of it as a gift for your family. We spent more time indoors during this year, so making your home a bit different is an excellent gift for everyone. Add the right decorations, and you can quickly fill your home with Christmas vibes without breaking the bank. Contact the experts at Houston Texas Painters for any home improvement work you might have.

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