Glossy Coats vs Matte Paints: Which Should You Go For?

by Houston Texas Painters - June 16, 2018

Glossy Coats vs Matte Paints

If you think choosing the best color for your house is the hardest step, you might be forgetting about the type of paint finish that you want for it. In case you didn’t know, this is also a critical decision you must carefully think about. Choosing the right kind of finish will determine how your walls will look and wear either its matte finish vs glossy finish paint.

There are two general go-to categories in paint finishes: flat or matte and gloss or semi-gloss. In choosing which to go with, you should first be aware of the pros and cons of each one. Know that deciding comes in a matter of weighing three things: your need for durability, room conditions, and personal taste.

Matte Finish or Gloss Finish: Which is Which?

Matte Paint

Matte paint is considered to be the “flattest” kind of finish. The light rays are evenly scattered across a surface and equally lighten the area that results in no perceivable reflections.


Think a flat finish as a concealer in makeup terms. It covers all imperfections and flaws in the surface, which makes it an excellent choice for walls in the bedroom, dining and living room, and the ceilings. Touch ups are easy in this finish.


Generally, some disadvantages of matte paint are keeping them clean is no easy task–they hold dirt and cleaning can remove the entire finish. Some manufacturers like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore created scrubbable versions for more natural cleaning. It’s advisable not to use them in the kitchen, kid’s room, or bathrooms.

Recommended Surfaces

We highly recommend that you have matte touches in the living room, bedrooms, dining room, ceilings, hallways and family room.

Glossy Paints

For glossy paints, they have reflective layers of oil or acrylic that makes them shine. Once light hits, the surface reflects off towards the viewer rather than scattered throughout the matte paint. Instead of scattered light, you’ll see the reflection of the light source.


Gloss type of finishes is for durability. It holds humidity well and is easy to clean. Semi-gloss offers high resistance to moisture, so it’s wise to have your kitchen and bathrooms painted with glossy coats precisely because of these qualities.


The first downside of glossy paints is that each imperfection surfaces in every application–requiring additional work and anding to create a smooth even surface. The touch-ups will also stand out because of the sheen difference.

Recommended surfaces

It is ideal to use glossy coats in your kitchen, cabinets, hallways, trim and doors.

If you are still confused with which finish choosing, here is an additional kind that you might want to consider.

Satin Finish

Satin has an exceptional resistance to scrubbing and consistent cleaning, but just like glossy coats, it exposes imperfections like divots, cracks, or poorly patched areas, although not as much as glossy.


Satin paint finishes hold well to washing and reflect more light than matte, but less than glossy You can use them in high-traffic areas of your house like the kitchen, bathrooms, children’s room, and trim and molding throughout the house.


This coat lets touch ups stand out and show imperfections in the surface or application.

And there you have it! Make sure you have everything accounted for to help you decide which finish you’re going with! If you need help, you can always call in the professionals!

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