Hack: The Quickest and Easiest Ways To Paint Your House Exteriors

by Houston Texas Painters - January 18, 2018

Hack- The Quickest and Easiest Ways To Paint Your House Exteriors

Yes, you read it right! It is possible to use ‘fastest,’ ‘easiest’ and ‘paint’ in one sentence! Although we know that those words are not usually used together for painting some techniques may allow you to do so! These hacks can help you finish your exterior painting quickly and easily, too. If you need the painting done quickly, we have the info you need!

#1. Paint with the previous color.

First, you really should choose to use a paint that has a primer in it so that you only need to use paint.  Then try to keep the same color already on the house because it will be easier to cover the surface. Sticking to the same color that your home’s exterior already has and using paint that has a primer in it will lower your cost plus it will take less time to paint!

When picking the color, if you don’t know what the color is, just scrape or peel a sample and take it to the paint store. They can match it for you.

#2. If you really want to change the color just go darker.

Painting a different color over the previous one requires some effort to conceal the first completely. If the color you choose is darker, covering it will be fairly easy but to make it even easier, just select the same color but in a slightly darker tone.  That will make the painting process go much faster.

#3. Quick cleaning before painting.

It’s general knowledge that cleaning is needed before any painting, but cleaning your home’s exterior paint can be time-consuming.  To save time, use a pressure washer with a cleansing agent first and then rinse with plain water.  If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can rent one.

#4. Scraping technique.

A thorough painting job requires some scraping or sanding to get a stable surface. If you choose to go all-in in rubbing evenly, you will need more time. So to help you save the time and effort, just go for the flaking areas and scrape or sand those portions, so your painting surface is smooth.

#5. Paint the chosen area only if it’s the same color.

If you chose the same color, then it is possible that the whole exterior will not need to be repainted, only certain sides with the most sun exposure may need to be done.  Paint where it is needed. If you choose a darker color or a different color, then you have no choice but to paint all the exterior.

#7. Use a sprayer when painting.

To save time when painting, use a paint sprayer. You may be able to rent one if you don’t have one to use.  It will speed up the job but you still need to follow the specific guidelines for using it to paint. With a sprayer, you will need to cover the shrubs and ground near your house.

Of course, you can’t use a sprayer on the small trim so if you need to paint that, make sure that you have the right paint brush for the paint that you are using.

There you have it, just follow these tips for quick and easy exterior painting.  Just remember, before getting your paint brushes ready, always consult the professionals first. Enjoy painting!

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