Home Painting Interiors: Play it Safe or Go with Darker Shades?

by Houston Texas Painters - January 12, 2018

Home Interiors

Dark Home Interiors: For Those Who are Tired of Playing it Safe


Think about every home you’ve visited recently; did they all have light colored walls, with minimal dark shaded accents? That’s because many homeowners choose to play it safe by sticking with neutral colored interiors. While there’s no denying that pale shades are beautiful and classy, we can’t help but ask why homeowners are “afraid of the dark” when it comes to their interiors.

So today, dark shades are going head-to-head with neutral colors to prove that, when incorporated appropriately, dark tones can create stunning, unmatched home interiors. Read on!  


  1. They Stand Out

Before anything else, know that dark colors stand out most when balanced out with light-colored accessories. Some great choices are white, cream and ivory to add contrast.  You could even go with lighter shades of that dark wall color so that if the walls are dark navy, have pillows and decorative accessories in lighter shades of blue.  It’s always best to keep the color combinations to a maximum of three.


  1. Dark Walls Needn’t be “Gloomy”

If a room has a balcony, bay windows or just large windows that make the room appear airy and spacious, dark shaded walls are perfect! It’s a common notion that it’s not advisable to have dark-painted walls for small spaced rooms for the reason that it might appear “gloomy.” The truth is, according to experts, using deep color tones blur the edges of the room – creating an illusion of an expansive and endless room. So, don’t let the size of your place stop you from being trendy!


  1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Dark Niche Walls

For anyone that is still skeptical about painting all four walls a dark shade or simply not willing to take a chance with it, you can’t go wrong with painting one (big or small) indented wall (also called a niche wall) with a dark color. Since dark colors recede, when dark to medium shades is painted, it actually makes the room look larger. Again, you need to tie the room together with complementary and contrasting colors for furniture and other decors. A niche wall with a dark shade instantly gives the room a nice focal point while demanding minimal interior decorating. In this case, you get the best of both worlds; simplicity in terms of décor, and an overall luxurious home interior.


  1. Black is Bold and Beautiful

There are plenty of homeowners who dared to incorporate black into their home interiors and haven’t regretted it since! You can create a genuinely striking home interior by painting your walls a shade of black.  It is the year for dressy black, and that is what black walls do, they create a very dressy effect.  It’s no longer limited to the video game room.  You can even use black paint for textured walls to break up the monotony adding more character to the room.


The problem most homeowners encounter is choosing the right types/colors of furniture and interior décor to coordinate and compliment the darker, bolder wall colors. Well, if you’re lost for ideas, you can’t go wrong with predominantly white elements. Of course, it’s always nice to throw some color into the mix so choose contrasting upholstery, tables, lamps, artwork, and possibly incorporate plants (flowering and non-flowering) into the decor.

So, are you still afraid of the dark or are you ready to create an exquisite visual with your home interiors? Either way, Houston Texas Painters are ready to play it safe or play it dark; the choice is yours!

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