How Hard Is Tiling A Shower? Do You DIY Or Hire A Professional?

by Houston Texas Painters - November 1, 2021

Installing brand-new tiles in a shower is a challenge—even for homeowners who have managed some DIY projects before. However, it doesn’t mean that tiling your shower it’s impossible! Are you not sure if you should DIY your tiling project? This blog post is for you!

Here are all the considerations and challenges that might help you decide whether to tile your shower by yourself or call the professionals! 

How hard is tiling a shower?

Tiling a shower might be a more significant challenge than it seems at first glance. One part of the job is laying down the tile evenly. However, you also need to prevent all the possible long-term issues like water filtration.

Challenge #1. Moisture

Speaking about water filtration, the first thing you have to deal with in a shower is moisture. While the tile itself is waterproof, the grout is another story! It is a big deal because failing to waterproof your shower increases the chances of mold and mildew growth! 

However, there are many ways to seal the grout. 

If you decide to go the DIY route, make waterproofing a priority! Invest in a high-quality thin-set mortar, grout, and sealer. Also, you can install waterproof foam tile backer boards instead of cement boards to avoid water filtering!

Challenge #2. Aligning the tiles

Saying that aligning the tiles is a challenge might seem like underestimating the skills of most homeowners. However, the issue is that tiling mistakes are hard to amend. 

To avoid an uneven tiling job, most contractors take measurements of the shower surface and lay the tile down before the installation. Even if planning seems unnecessary, it can save you time and money!


If the surfaces in your shower are not flat, you won’t be able to prevent tile lippage. Preparing the floor and walls for tile installation is essential for both renovation or construction projects. If you find out that the old backer board is not a good foundation for the tile, replace it!

How to tile the shower wall?

When you tile a vertical surface, you might need to let the first row of tiles overnight to let them dry. This way, the first row can be a support and guide for the rest of the tile! Start with the second row from bottom to top to make sure it’s aligned!

Challenge #3. Cutting the tile 

As mentioned above, planning is an essential part of the tile installation, and it involves cutting tile. However, cutting the tile is a challenge in itself! A homeowner who has never installed tile before would need to buy the right equipment for cutting tile. 

Here are two of the most popular options.

What type of tile cutter is best?

The options you have for this task are tile snap cutters or wet tile saws. 

A tile snap cutter works like a glass cutter, scoring the tile surface and then snapping the score. Although snap cutters are an affordable option, the tile might end up with slightly ragged edges.

On the other hand:

Professional tile contractors often use wet tile saws. This tool needs more careful handling and can be expensive! However, it offers a more precise job. 

Tile installation professionals in Houston

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