How To Celebrate Halloween In Houston Safely This 2020 During Covid-19

by Houston Texas Painters - October 9, 2020

No, not this time, Mr. Corona. You are not going to overshadow Halloween. Not on our watch. Not without a fight – of wits.  

Yes, you may have won the battle as most families’ go-to Halloween ventures have been grouped as high-risk activities by the CDC. But we’re determined to win the war. 

And while we’ll keep social distances, add masks to our costumes, and wash hands regularly; fun – now that we must have. 

For you see, this is more than a fight for our freedom to trick-treat from house to house. Or go to costume parties. Or showoff killer decorating skills. It’s a fight for normalcy. A battle to feel right and in control!  

So buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!  

The Anti-COVID Strategy 

It’s time to double down on what we have.


Health professionals have made great strides in understanding most, if not all, there is to know about the new coronavirus. 

We now understand how it’s spread, risk factors, and the safety measures to follow to reduce the spread. 

Although the virus is ever-evolving, the existing knowledge is enough to inform the holiday activities.   


From social media to virtual reality, technology has armed us with numerous ways to celebrate Halloween at home or outdoors – while staying healthy and safe.

Experts’ advice

The CDC has provided a list of low-risk things to do at home for Halloween.

And experts in the health and other sectors are continuing to share their insights on how best to celebrate Halloween at home or in the outdoors.

In Purchase, New York, Sandra Kesh, an infectious disease physician at Westmed Medical Group, advises parents to limit trick-or-treating to 4 kids for safety purposes.

Dr. Heather Isaacson, a pediatrician with UCHealth in Longmont, Colorado, advises parents to purchase Halloween-themed masks or decorate face masks and incorporate them into their costumes.

When it comes to candy, Dr. Rita Nasseri, a Los Angeles physician and mother of three, recommends buying one own candy and giving them to one’s kids.  

As for teens, Dr. Sam Dominguez, a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, proposes small gatherings of teen friends outdoors to carve pumpkins or watch projected movies.

And when it comes to a false sense of safety, Dr. Aron Milstone, a professor of pediatrics and an associate epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, recommends a change of mindset. Instead of focusing on the red and green zones, focus on staying healthy and safe.

We are covered!

So Let’s Go Fourth and Win

Before letting you know about all the neat ways to celebrate Halloween at home this year, make a big show out of decorating or remodeling it. Houston Texas Painters can help, for example, with getting your home ready for the Holidays, including Fall, and making sure you at least can have all these neat and creative Halloween celebrations with the best home possible.  

Have a small sleepover that features a scavenger hunt, pumpkin carving, and cupcake-decorating.

Make tons of foods whose recipes are inspired by your kids Halloween shows on the Food Network.

Set a one-way trick-or-treating where singly wrapped candy bags are strategically lined up for pick up while making it possible to practice social distancing.  

Watch a kid-friendly Halloween movie and set up an enormous spider web with goodies trapped in it. 

Use Halloween themed-masks, hand sanitizers, soaps, diapers – literally anything to get you into the Halloween spirit while staying healthy and safe.

We can do it. We can win the war against COVID-19. 

Just set up candy chutes made of long plastic piping or cardboard tubes, then invite your family to send candy and other goodies down the pipe. A catch and keep scenario.

Once done, have everyone wash their hands before eating their candy.  Even if you had sanitized the wrappers. 

Consider using disposable gloves while playing. And importantly, select costumes that pay tribute to our everyday heroes. The doctors, nurses, firefighters, armies. Let’s show them that we appreciate their contribution against the pandemic; because we do.

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