How To Clean And Store Painting Tools After A Home Project!

by Houston Texas Painters - January 3, 2022

Most homeowners are eager to roll the paint during a DIY painting project. 

However, everyone finds out soon enough that painting a room (or any other surface) requires a lot of preparation. And even more, the project doesn’t end after applying the topcoat. 

In fact, an essential part of any painting project is getting your painting tools ready for storage! In this blog post, you’ll learn how to care for your paint tools after using them.

How to care for paint tools after a painting project

Paintbrushes and other tools are an investment. Taking care of them after a painting project makes sense because you won’t need to buy a new brush next time you paint something. 

Basically, caring for your painting tools means cleaning them and storing them properly. Learn here how to do it the right way!

Clean everything right away

Cleaning your painting tools is essential to keep them in top shape! Do it right after applying the last coat of paint, even before cleaning the room. If you wonder how to clean all the mess from your painting tools after using them, here are the steps.

  1. Remove excess paint: Scrape your brush or paint roller with the side of the can of paint. A wire brush can help you remove even more excess paint from your brush. Also, if you have a 5-in-1 tool, you can use the curved blade to remove paint from the roller.
  1. Rinse the tools: The way you should rinse your tools depends on the type of paint you use. If you are cleaning water-based paint, water (and maybe soap) should work. 

However, to clean oil-based paint, carefully handle thinner or mineral spirits for rinsing the tools. 

  1. Let your tools dry: Before storing your paintbrush or roller, let them dry thoroughly. After rinsing your brush, shake out excess water and leave it to air dry. You can use a brush spinner to dry your paintbrush quickly! 

How to store your painting tools

Storing your painting tools is essential, especially if you often start DIY projects around your home. You never know when you’ll need a brush in top shape and ready for painting! 

The best way to store your brushes and other tools is by placing them on their original protective covers. If you don’t have them anymore, you can make a new cover with cardboard and tape! Also, before storing your roller cover, you can use scissors to trim the dried beads of paint.

Are you taking a short break? Don’t neglect your tools!

Most painting projects require breaks—even if it’s just to let the paint dry between coats. However, you can’t just leave the painting tools whenever you take a short break from painting! A neglected brush or roller could lead to low-quality painting results. 

Does it mean you should wash your painting tools every time you take a break? Not if you are not away for long! If you take a short break, remove excess paint from your brush and place it in a plastic bag. For paint rollers, scrape off the paint and cover the roller with plastic wrap.

Do you want to paint your house without all the hassle?

Painting your home requires time and effort, from preparing the wall to cleaning the painting tools! However, you can skip all the hassle by hiring Houston Texas Painters! Our experienced contractors use fast-dry, odor-free paint, and the latest painting techniques. 

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