How To Get A Perfect Paint Job Using A Roller

by Houston Texas Painters - July 23, 2021
Houston Texas Painters - How To Get A Perfect Paint Job Using A Roller

When it’s time to paint a wall or any other large surface, homeowners and professional painters alike use paint rollers as their main tool. However, if you want the best results, you need to know many considerations and details before rolling the paint. 

Here we tell you the basics of painting with a roller! Read on!

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Step 1. Prepare everything you need

Get your tools ready

A paint job is as good as the equipment you use. Also, the roller you choose has to be the right one for the wall texture and the type of paint. For example, some rollers work well with acrylic paint, but not so well when used with oil-based paints.

These are the basic tools you need for the painting job:

  • A paint container: Choose a paint tray for small paint jobs or a bucket and a bucket screen to paint a whole room.
  • Roller frame and cover: The nap length depends on the surface texture and type of paint. A longer nap will have better results on rougher surfaces, while a short nap works better on smooth surfaces and glossy paints. If you are not sure, a ½ inch nap is a general-purpose option.
  • Paintbrush: For “cutting in” the wall.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Extension pole: This is optional. However, if you are painting tall walls or the ceiling, you might benefit from using an extension pole.

Prepare the walls

Make sure the walls are clean to ensure the paint grips nicely. Also, you can add tape to everything you don’t want to paint, like baseboards and light switches.  

If your wall needs maintenance:

Before starting to paint, you may want to patch cracks and tiny nail holes. Also, consider priming the walls before rolling the paint. However, repairing and priming the wall might delay you, as you need to wait until the wall is completely dry before painting.

Mix the paint and “cut in” before rolling 

Mix the paint can and pour it carefully into the container. Remember to stir the paint to ensure it is well mixed and ready. Then, using the paintbrush, “cut in” the corners and the edges around the molding. Dip the bristles in the paint and “cut in” the trim, once or twice the brush’s length.

Step 2. Load the roller with paint

If you are using a paint tray, dip the roller in the well and roll it in the ridged slope to spread the paint evenly. To load the roller using a bucket, first dip the nap and roll it on the bucket screen. 

Repeat the process until the roller is almost dripping.

Step 3. Roll the main area of the wall

Roll your fully-loaded paint roller on the wall. Avoid painting close to a corner or molding. Instead, start in the main area of the wall at least 6 inches away from the edge. Roll up and down in a W pattern.

How do you prevent roller marks when painting? Keep successive strokes close enough so they bend smoothly, always maintaining a wet edge.

Roll slowly to avoid paint splatters, but remember to work fast enough always to keep a wet edge. If you are working on a Houston dry day, the paint might dry faster than you expect!

Reload the roller: When you start seeing hazy paint marks, it’s time to reload the paint roller. Dip it again as you did the first time.

Step 4. Back roll and paint close to the edges

Once you’ve covered an area, level the paint with long and parallel strokes. Go as close as you can to the edge to give the wall a smooth finish.

Step 5. Add the second coat after the first dries

Most paint jobs need more than one coat. The steps for applying successive coats of paint are the same. However, you should wait until the previous coat is completely dry before rolling the paint again.

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Rolling the paint can save you time, but it is still a lengthy and arduous process. If you want to remodel your home interiors or exteriors without spending all day on the task, Houston Texas Painters can help you! We are hardworking painting contractors in Houston, fully bonded and insured, with many years of experience on our backs! 

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