How to Keep Your Home Looking Fine Even With Pets

by Houston Texas Painters - January 21, 2019

How to Keep Your Home Looking Fine Even With Pets

Every pet owner looks forward to creating an animal-friendly house that is also comfortable for humans. Cats and dogs are different, but all pets like a common baseline; that’s a safe, comfortable and fun environment. The key to achieving such is choosing the right materials and accommodating your animals’ needs. It’s also true to say, if a house doesn’t work with dogs, it won’t work with children or guests either.

If our pets were able to talk, what room decorating ideas would they choose for a house plan for dog lovers?


Here are some pet friendly bedroom ideas, or any room ideas!


Match Colors to your Pet’s Fur

When choosing colors for your room, your pet should be a source of inspiration. Always paint your walls and floor the same shade as your cat or dog. For instance, if your sofa cover matches your pet color the hair they leave behind won’t be as visible.

Wall Paint

Always go for semi-gloss wall paint; it is the easiest to clean and wipe when your pet leaves stains and smudges. A good, professional house painting service can help you with this.

Vacuum Regularly

Ensure you vacuum your house and furniture at least twice a week or daily especially when your pet is shedding. Invest in a Dyson DC14, for example, or any vacuum that has a good ability to suck up animal hair and also pick up dirt from your floor and furniture.

Clean and Groom your Pet Often

Regularly brush and bathe your dog or cat to remove loose hair before it ends up on your floor, bed surface, pillows, and your curtains. Also, keep pets’ nails trimmed.

Use Stain-Resistant Fabric Only

Ensure you use a good fabric like leather, as it is easy to clean and is durable. Most grades of leather will suffer only scratches but you can avoid that by keeping your pet nails trimmed.

Choose Hard Surface Floor

The best floor is ceramics tile, bare or hardwood floor. It is easy to mop or vacuum. There is not much more to it! Carpet is always going to be harder to clean and easier for your pets to scratch.

Set up an Animal Room Near an Entry

Always consider your pet’s comfort when you establish the layout of your house. It is important to make sure there is a place where your cat or dog can come in through if they go outside. And an area where one can get the dirt off before they get into the house. Cats, especially, love places they can climb onto and walk or sneak above everything else, which is something you can offer them by placing sturdy shelves on walls, post or even bars in the ceiling.

Carpet Choice

Like we mentioned before, avoid continuous loop carpet since it absorbs odors and traps pet hair.

Give your Pet Tidy and Attractive Toys

Dogs and cats adore playing with toys. It is worth it to give your dog something to chew on and for that reason, rubber toys are the best.

Put Washable Fabrics on your Bed

If your dog or cat sleeps with you always, protect your mattress from the inevitable by covering it with a thick pad. Preferably use cotton bed sheets that are medium colored or a pattern that can hide the pet hair and stain. For bedspreads, use duvet covers as you can take them off and clean regularly.

Avoid Breakable Decorating Ideas

Ensure you don’t have fragile items like flower vases made of glass, and if you must have them, place where your cat and dog won’t trip over them.

Don’t Buy Expensive Rugs

Choose sisal or seagrass mats since they are durable enough and easy to clean. They also don’t absorb odors, nor trap pet hair.

These are just some of the decorating ideas that can help owners of cats and dogs solve lots of small problems like fur-covered cushions, animal pongs, smelly pet boxes, fur-covered bed sheets and also scratched floors. Apart from solving the mentioned problems, they also help to create more comfort and fun to pet owners’ life without forfeiting style or comfort. Professional house painters, cleaners and interior decorators can always help you give you more ideas and implement them.

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