How to Make Your Small Home Feel More Roomy

by Houston Texas Painters - March 19, 2018

Small Home

In a compact home, there are several different ways to create the feeling of more space.  Furniture configuration is on top of the list, but furnishings, your color palette, and other elements can visually change the appearance, so small rooms do not look so small.  How many pieces of furniture and knick-knacks should be in your space? What should you keep out to make a small room look bigger?

These ideas will make your small home look bigger!  Yes, small rooms can look larger than they are!

Here are five tips on how to make your house feel roomier:


#1 Try multipurpose furniture


There are a lot of different kinds of multipurpose furniture to choose from.  Since they work double time, they save space without making your the room look cramped.  They’re handy, decorative and they have so many different functions— for example, the coffee table can be used for extra seating.

Yes, it’s essential to squeeze in enough seating when you have visitors but, don’t overdo it — adding too many sofas, chairs,  or large ottomans can make space feel smaller. An ottoman is an excellent way to store your stuff without taking up more room, plus it can be an additional chair when you have guests over!

Need more beds?  You can use a sofa bed, a two in one fixture that can be a sofa in the day and bed at night. There are many options for adding beds, you can choose from a Daybed which looks like a couch, but at night time it can turn into a comfy bed, or a futon which is easy to convert for overnight sleepers, or even a dual purpose loveseat or chair that converts to a bed!


#2 Use light paint colors


Dark, striking wall colors can make a room appear smaller because light can’t reflect and it will cause the walls retreat. To open up your home, use soft, light color schemes to make the room appear larger.  Here are a few different color schemes for ideas:

  • Grey – a gentle, calming shade that will remind you of soft summer clouds.
  • Yellow – it has the same space-enhancing effect as white.
  • Blue and Green – also impart brightness and depth.

You can also create unity. It’s worth having a few pieces of furniture in the same color palette as your walls. Even large items will then blend into the room, visually enlarging the space. You can always seek help and hire a  professional painter to help you with your painting needs!


#3 Little things that make a big difference


In closed rooms, a large mirror creates the illusion of more space. Not only does it draw the eye up, it bounces light around your room, making any home appear larger and brighter. Pay attention to the framing. An excellent tip is to match the length of the mirror and size of the sofa, to create beautiful symmetry.

You can also position a large floor or tabletop mirror opposite to a window to instantly expand a room. This is great to use as small bedroom decorating ideas. Just remember that you don’t want the mirror to reflect a cluttered or cornered space or its purpose is defeated.

You can color coordinate your knickknacks and books, which will make your space look smooth. Go for fabrics and rugs in small prints or plain colors. Unified colors will visually expand a small room.


#4 Add light and spaciousness


Natural light can make a home lighter and brighter and give the feeling of more space.  Keep your room spacious by allowing light to come in through your windows. You should remove your heavy drapes or use ones that let light through.

And don’t forget the impact outside your home can have! Turn your attention to your garden and trim any trees, bushes or climbing plants that are growing around your doors and windows.

Be careful to avoid too much clutter in a small room.  Do not put too many things on your walls, limit those pictures and paintings so that your walls have some open spaces. A few are lovely and can open your room—too many of these can close the space off.


#5 Organize your room


In the bedroom, make your bed and keep it clean. Use a beautiful chest or cabinet to hide any documents, papers, or extra blankets. For small bedrooms, there are few things you can do.  You may choose a bed with drawers underneath it to store some of your things. For children, there are bed sets that have a bed up high like a bunk bed with a dresser or desk underneath to conserve space.  These type of beds can lessen the clutter while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

When it comes to your living room, you should put away magazines or books and set them aside on your coffee table. You could store them in an end table with drawers or hide them in an ottoman that opens up for additional storage space.  In the kitchen, you should clear the counters, either put your utensils and pans in your cabinets or have special hanging spots for them. There are many different kinds of cabinet organizers, including some that go on the inside of the door itself, some are designed to hold your paper products, and small stick on hooks can hold your measuring cups and spoons.


Keep your rooms tidy to keep the area open. Make sure you keep hallways open by removing clutter from the floor. A good rule of thumb is only to allow those things to be seen which are needed; all others should be hidden away.

If you feel your walls are closing in on you and your worldly possessions are taking over, you can follow these easy tips to make your house roomier! We hope these can help you!


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