How to select a palette and prepare your home exterior for painting

by Houston Texas Painters - June 2, 2017

Painting the exterior of a home is a big task. A task that you probably do not wish to do yourself. You may decide to do the design and prep work though. If you are too busy to do that, read on anyway; you will better understand the work involved and will be better prepared to select from painting contractors Houston has available to you.

Selecting an exterior color pallet

Consider the style of your home and the depth of your color palette. If your house is modern with large glass windows and metal trim, you will probably want to stick to a color palette of one or two colors. If your house is more traditional with a tiled or shingled roof and eaves, trim and shutters, you may choose a wider palette. If you have a tiled or shingled roof of a distinctive color, you will want to incorporate those colors into your palette

Consider your landscape. As you pull up to your house, what is the view? Do you have a tree lined drive leading up to the house, an impressive vista, or do you have a more urban or suburban landscape? Lastly, you will want to consider the houses that surround you. Certainly, you want to be unique, but you do not want to be audacious and inconsiderate of the surrounding neighborhood.

Preparing the exterior of your house for painting

A clean surface is essential for any paint job. A pressure washer with the appropriate detergent is the most efficient means of cleaning your exterior. A powerful stream can damage wood and seep under the siding or even break windows. If your exterior is suffering from excessive peeling or flaking, you will need to brush off any loose paint with a wire brush. To prevent mildew, use a detergent with a strong mildewcide. Scraping to the bare wood is not necessary if the old paint is intact. It can be painted over after sanding.

Repair any damaged surfaces with the appropriate repair compound. Sand the surface when dry to ensure that the new paint will stick. Remove any loose or old caulk and re-caulk around all your trim. Re-putty windows if necessary and make sure the putty dries before painting. Tape up windows if necessary and use drop cloths to protect your flowerbeds and lawn. Tie up and cover shrubs, and
prime bare wood and any areas that have been repaired. Preparation, as discussed above, is a very labor-intensive process. It is also, perhaps, the most important step in ensuring a quality finish. If you receive are to receive help, it is best here to reach out to painting contractors. Houston has many options available.

Ready for the paint!

Now you are left with the real work of painting. You can do it yourself. We don’t doubt that for a second, but when you factor in all the ladders and brushes and rollers and drop cloths and other supplies as well as trips to the paint store and the pizza delivery for your family or friends you have roped in to help you, you are really not saving any money. Consider selecting quality insured and bonded painting contractors in Houston like Houston Texas Painters.

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