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Do you want a quality house painting contractor in Katy, TX? Well, they say that quality doesn't come cheap, but when you hire Houston Texas Painters you realized that not only can quality be very affordable, it also comes with superior paints that have manufacturer's warranty. We pride ourselves in being a local, trustworthy, and experienced painting company in Houston that will never upsell you or force to make commitments; being transparent and straightforward is our policy in quotes, bookings, and payments.

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Although an old legend says that a saloon keeper's wife gave the town its name, it’s more likely that it comes from the MKT Railroad Company that was commonly referred to as the K-T, eventually becoming the lovely Katy, TX that we know today. Its time as a railroad town is long gone, however, as Katy is now a heavily urbanized area, and the surroundings are home to a future Amazon distribution center, Igloo Corporation HQ, and even the offices of BP America.

Katy is located just west of downtown Houston and serves as a three-border intersection of Fort Bend, Waller, and Harris counties. Thanks to its long history in which the Missouri-Kansas railroad played a big part, there are many communities both old and new that have grown as part of what is now known as “Old Towne Katy” and “Greater Katy” alike.

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Just from the name alone, you know that you’ll be getting only the best quality when you work with Houston Texas Painters in any of your projects, be it residential painting, commercial painting, office or apartment painting, but did you know we offer a wide variety of services beyond painting? We offer tile and sheetrock installation, fence work, carpentry, power washing, wood staining, and much, much more, all done by professionals handpicked by us!


Top Things To Do in Katy

One of the best ways to ride out Katy’s very intense and humid summers is to spend a fun day at the Typhoon Texas Waterpark, located entirely within Katy and offering visitors several attractions, such as slides, zip lines, rope courses, and of course, ample pools for the whole family to enjoy.

One of the benefits that many Katy residents enjoy is how close the Houston Metro area is all around them. So it’s normal to plan a trip to the city then finishing the day off in their hometown, but for those looking for a quieter time will definitely love spending a quiet evening at the scenic Mary Jo Peckham Park.

Are you looking for the best brews in town? Katy has a few options, but the No Label Brewing Co. is an excellent place to start. Located at the end of 1st street, No Label is family owned and operated, and features a tap room with great ambiance, fantastic selection of beers, and believe it or not, all around the family-friendly environment. The food trucks offer a decent range of food to enjoy your beer with, and you can check the webpage for live music and other events.

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Katy Painting Done Right

Houston Texas Painters goes above and beyond what you would expect of a normal house painting company. On top of giving you only the best results both inside and outside your home, we also offer many complimentary services done by experienced and insured professionals every time. You’ll only have to worry about relaxing when we’re on the job!

Houston Texas Painters, 535 E Fernhurst Dr, Katy, TX 77450


First of all, we want to thank you for considering Houston Texas Painters for your project! You’ll love to know that we have over 50 years of combined experience that has led us to become industry leaders while remaining locally owned and operated. You can be sure that we only work with the best, fully insured, and bonded professionals for the job. Each project has a specific manager to speed things along and deliver only the best results, and to keep you updated at all times on the schedule, job progress and estimated completion dates so you can go back to your regular life as soon as possible; that’s a priority for us!



Stop calling a different professional every time you need some handy work. Offering commercial and residential painting and other home maintenance chores, Houston Texas Painters is the professional company with everything you’re looking for.



Gathering over 50 years of combined experience, Houston Texas Painters is the professional company you can trust in your home or workplace. Expect attention to detail and skillful work from all our collaborators.



Always striving for top quality, that’s our mission. With Houston Texas Painters, you can be sure the person painting your walls or installing your fences is as trustworthy and skillful as it gets.



Expect customer-focused technology when you book a service with us. We love to have close communication with all our clients, have precise feedback, and ensure everything is running according to expectations.



For your convenience and safety, we offer a cash-free payment, including all major credit cards. Our site is encrypted to ensure your bank data is secure.



As a professional company, all of our employees are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. You won’t have to worry about a thing while we work in your home or workplace.

Our Modern Painting Ideas

We promise amazing results, competitive prices done in no time, but don’t just take our word for it!
Our valued customers share their experience working with Houston Texas Painters, in their own words.


It’s hard to be modest when talking about your work, which is why we trust the word of all our happy customers when it comes to telling others about it! From “delivered the project in less time than originally scheduled” to “the results were more than we hoped for, fantastic!”, we believe there’s no better way to get the word about your business out there than through the friends and family of those who already know what you can deliver!


Houston Texas Painters wants to keep you updated on the latest interior and exterior design trends and styles, so we’re going to share our best tips, experiences, and ideas through our blog. We hope you find them as helpful as we have fun writing them. Read on!

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