Look At the Hottest Home Styles of 2019

by Houston Texas Painters - March 4, 2019

When it comes to interior decorating, its trends come and go, just like every other thing in life. The trick is to know which trend is or will be the hottest, especially if you want to renovate the interior of your home without falling into one of many decoration faux pas that is par for the course in this field.

In this list, you’ll find the trendiest home styles that have been making a buzz since before 2019 even started, so you can be sure that you and your family will be relaxing in a hip, great-looking room that’s not so out there you can’t bring any guests to see it. They’re cozy, they’re classy, and they’re right here!

Go international with Klein Blue

Created by French Painter Yves Klein (hence the name), and known officially as International Klein Blue, this strong-yet-pure shade of blue sees a return to prominence in Parisian homes and apartments. Thanks to the striking contrast it creates when used in walls or sheets as a contrast or accent piece in an otherwise neutral room, without feeling too aggressive or out of place.

Bring nature back into your rooms

2018 design trends overall were a little too tech-happy for some tastes, and the decor trends centered around that theme dominated the scene all year, but home interior trends for 2019 are moving into a fresher, much more natural territory by favoring natural, simple materials such as stone, granite, copper, and even concrete. These will bring a more serene essence to your house, which is sometimes much needed in urban environments.

Richer color palettes take center stage

In 2018’s mad search for simplicity and minimalism, many people forgot about bold, rich colors, and some downright avoided them. It’s time to bring them back! A richer hue splashed throughout your house will work fantastically if you already have decor and furnishings in muted colors, adding a bolder and more dramatic sense of exuberance to it. Look for reds, pinks, yellows, and greens especially.

Glass and steel room dividers

As houses, in general, are transitioning to a more open space, particularly in the search for a more liberated look, partitions and their stylings will become more important than ever. Using a thin metal and glass division will make any space look bigger and more open without ignoring the need for privacy and noise mitigation, all without making a room feel cramped or claustrophobic.

Earthy, moody tones

If a strong, bold statement-making accent piece is not something you want to sprinkle around your house, then look on the other side of the coin: A push towards warm browns, forest greens, and even moody blues has been heralded since 2018, and it’s the timelessness of these colors that makes them so popular today. Imagine, for example, a living room with brown leather couches, green houseplants, and a muted, moody blue rug or accent wall; it yells home!

Concrete accents

This year is the one that is going to bring concrete back as a complimentary piece back into the mainstream, by combining 2018’s love for geometric tiles with the crispy clean look of concrete. Countertops are a given, but other elements such as the tiles we mentioned at first and different clean-cut accents are also getting back in style.

Concrete accents

In another “moving on” moment over 2018’s trends and decor preferences, people are now saying goodbye to stainless steel and polished nickels to welcome back the warmness and subtlety of brass accents. If your house is starting to feel a little too cold and muted, this is a good way to bring back some balance into spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Now that you’ve seen some of the hottest 2019 home interior trends, you might see that they’re not totally reactionary and will definitely mesh well with your current style, especially if you’re last to remodel was in 2018. All you need to finally reach that “home decor magazine” look is to have a beautiful exterior, but that’s the easy part!

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