Masking Tape Or Painter’s Tape: Which To Choose For A Painting Project

by Houston Texas Painters - April 18, 2022

During the first stages of a painting project, the most important task is perhaps picking the right tools for the job. 

Usually, homeowners focus on picking the right paint brush and roller for the job. However, what about painter’s tape? Adhesive tape is an essential but often-overlooked tool for any painting job, especially if it’s one of your first DIY projects.

Is masking tape enough to get you the best results? Or should you pick a roll of painter’s tape at the hardware store? Read on to find out!

Are masking tape and painter’s tape the same?

For many, painter’s tape looks just like masking tape, but blue and more expensive. That’s not far from the truth since painter’s tape is masking tape. In fact, the original masking tape was developed for two-color paint jobs at a car body workshop.

However, you can find general-purpose masking tape in most households, offices, and schools nowadays. Both types of tape are very similar, but regular masking tape is more affordable because it’s not strictly designed for paint jobs.

What’s the difference between masking tape and painter’s tape?

The differences between a general-purpose masking tape roll and painter’s tape are many but subtle. However, those differences have a huge impact when it’s time to roll the paint.

For example, paint could bleed under the thinner paper layer of regular masking tape. On the other hand, a quality painter’s tape seals the surface to give you crisp edges. 

Another reason for using painter’s tape instead of regular masking tape is to avoid leaving a mess during the removal. Painter’s tape is less prone to splinter and has a lower tack than masking tape; it will adhere just enough to the surface for easy removal.

What to consider before choosing a tape for your project

Investing in adhesive tape for your project is worth it. However, that doesn’t mean you can get the first roll you find at the store—there are different types of painter’s tape! Here are a few things to consider before picking a roll of painter’s tape.

1. Adhesion strength

You can find painter’s tape with lower adhesion for delicate or recently painted surfaces. On the other hand, you’ll need to pick an extra sticky tape for textured surfaces. 

Usually, painter’s tape is sold in different colors according to the surface on which they are meant to be used—like yellow for delicate surfaces or green for outdoors. Also, manufacturers will let you know the number of days the tape can be on the surface to ensure clean removal.  

2. The tape’s width

Painter’s tape comes in different sizes to fit your project’s needs. Choosing the correct width will make the handling easier. If you need to cover the trim or any other molding, a 1½-inch tape will do. However, you might need a 1-inch or even ½-inch tape for slim surfaces.

3. Material’s quality

Manufacturers won’t tell you directly if they use top-tier or budget materials. However, in most cases, you get what you pay for. If you need a reliable tape, investing a few extra dollars in a quality brand is worth it.

Do you want to skip all the hassle?

Starting a home painting project is exciting, but it’s even better to skip all the hassle and let professionals take care of everything. At Houston Texas Painters, our skilled and insured contractors use odorless paint and quality tools to ensure the best results.

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