Painting Pros and Cons: Before and After Moving In

by Houston Texas Painters - September 29, 2017

Painting Pros and Cons

Are you wondering whether to move into your new house before the walls are painted? Have you tried weighing out the pros and cons of doing so and been left confused even still? Well, Maid to Scrub will surely help!

Obviously, there is a lot to do when moving a house. From shopping, packing and managing your job, to legal work, house inspections and last minute errands, there is so much to do. You have to decide whether to get the house painted now, or later. Stop all the wondering and read on to find out the most solid pros and cons of painting. You can also decide whether it is before or after moving in.


The Difference Between Before and After Painting Activity

The ‘Before’ Pros

Painting before you move in is the more obvious or favored option for several reasons. While you’re already checking off things to do on your list, it’s the best idea to get painting as well.

Painting an empty house is just far easier than a furnished home. Nothing gets in your way and the job is pretty straightforward. No time is wasted in moving furniture towards the middle of the room or in every room. It is not only time-consuming but also tires you out! Furthermore, there is no risk of paint falling or splashing on your furniture or belongings.

Another advantage of painting your house before you move in is that you can air it out thoroughly so that the smell doesn’t affect you or your family members. While some people can tolerate or even like the smell of fresh paint, it can cause headaches or allergic reactions in other individuals.

The fact of the matter is that the faster your new home is painted, the quicker everyone can get on with their lives!


The ‘After’ Pros

Yes, for some people, painting after they’ve moved in is more suitable and proved to be a much better idea. Let’s find out why.

The colors and textures of your interior paints bring your décor together. This includes your furniture, artworks, and choice of linen/upholstery and other accents. Once you’ve set up your home, you have a more clear idea of what shades and textures will bring the room to life. This will simply cannot do in an empty house even if you’ve got a good imagination.

Very often, homeowners choose paint colors that eventually end up clashing with their furniture. It is also forced to settle for them for whatever reasons. By going through the discomfort and inconvenience of painting after you move in, you could very well create a masterpiece regarding your home’s interiors!

For those who paint their homes before moving in and decide to repaint because of the horrid overlook of their interiors, it’ll cost even more than the first time around because the paint will have to be removed and the walls will require preparation and priming all over again.

For these reasons, painting after moving in can prove to be more economical and 100{d66e8711958bc38357d9dc4db5796dd3ddf357caefd002b39d512753dca771c4} satisfying because you were able to get it right the first time around!

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