Painting Tools You Need For Any Paint Job [List + Images]

by Houston Texas Painters - August 5, 2021
Houston Texas Painters - Painting Tools You Need For Any Paint Job [List + Images]

The last thing you want to do during your painting job is taking a trip to the store. Make sure you have every tool you need for your project! Update your painting tools list with these 8 essential tools!

Houston Texas Painters’ essential painting tools list

If you are missing something from our painting tools list, you are on time to get it from the store! Not every paint job is the same, but most projects need these essential tools! 

1. Painter’s tape and drop cloths

Painter’s tape can prevent unwanted drips or help you get perfectly straight lines, while drop cloths cover the larger furnishings.

Professional painters often chose canvas drop cloths, as they are more durable and absorbent. However, plastic drop cloths are more accessible for a DIY project, as they are easier to wipe and less expensive.

2. Putty knife

These versatile tools are used in professional paint jobs and DIY projects alike. A putty knife works for sealing nail holes with spackling paste, but its sharp edge also works for removing cracking paint chips.

Make sure to bring at least a two-inch putty knife. However, if you want to take the multi-purpose putty knife to a whole new level, opt for something like this 9-in-1 Painter’s Tool!

3. Sanding blocks

Sanding a surface will ensure it’s smooth enough so that the paint can adhere nicely. A 180-220 grit sanding block is usually the best choice to prepare a wall for a paint job. However, the grit depends on the type of surface you are painting.

4. A wet sponge

Paint will only adhere to a clean surface. A wet sponge can help you remove the grime and fine dust on the wall before any coat of paint. 

You can use microfiber cloths or rags to clean the surface too! Also, keeping some rags at hand can help you remove a drip before it dries out.

5. Paintbrushes

Brushes are essential for cutting in the trim, even if you are using a roller or sprayer. However, they come in many sizes and shapes and choosing the right one can be tricky. 

If you don’t know where to begin, consider a 2-inch brush as your general-purpose choice.

6. A paint roller and roll covers

Most paint jobs require a paint roller. The general-purpose choice is a 9-inch roller frame and a half-inch nap in the roller cover. However, it will vary greatly depending on the surface you are painting. 

Do you want to get the perfect paint job using a roller? Check our guide here!

7. A paint tray

Trays not only hold the paint but can also help you distribute it evenly throughout the roller. If you don’t want to spend time cleaning the leftover paint, you can use a plastic tray liner!

However, professional painters usually use paint rollers and 5-Gallon Buckets. If you are on a big project or painting your entire home, use a paint bucket and a roller screen instead of a tray.  Buckets retain more paint and will make a larger paint job more convenient.

8. Extension pole 

Are you painting a hard-to-reach area in your home? Then you need an attachable extension pole for your paint roller! Plus, in some projects, they can substitute the ladder completely!

Painting contractor in Houston, TX

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