Painting Two-Toned Walls: 6 Tips You Need To Know

by Houston Texas Painters - December 6, 2021

Are you looking for a radical change in your room? Two-toned walls are a simple but bold way to bring fresh air into your home.

However, even though there are no hard rules about painting two-toned walls, you need to be aware of some guidelines to pull off your project with the best results! 

Here are the tips you need to know before starting to paint two-toned walls in your home!

Tip #1. Choose the colors wisely

Choosing the colors for your room interior doesn’t mean picking the two hues you like the most. If you don’t select the color combination carefully, your walls might make the whole room feel overwhelming!

An easy way to choose the paints for your walls is by picking two shades of the same color. Also, many homeowners pick first a bold color, then temper it down by pairing it with neutral paint color. You can look for color combinations online before you decide!

Tip #2. Consider the existing features in the room

Usually, the rest of the room has to adapt to a two-toned wall. However, it can be the other way around too! If you don’t know where to begin with your wall, you can start from the existing features in the room. 

For example, a fixed cabinet, a window, or the doorframe can help you set the line where the two colors meet.

Tip #3. Put the lighter shade on top

If you are painting a horizontal two-toned wall, choosing the shade that goes on top can affect the sense of space in the room. Usually, the lighter shade should go on top because it makes the room feel larger. 

Tip #4. Don’t forget the ceiling!

Ceilings play an important part in your home interior. The color of your ceiling can also affect how large your room feels. Besides, it can give you a bigger area to impress your style in the room.

If you are feeling creative, don’t hold back! You can extend the accents or wall color to the ceiling!

Tip #5. Mind the lines

Managing to pull off a straight and crisp line is one of the essential things to achieve a great two-toned paint job. Before rolling the paint, take measures, draw a line with a pencil, and use tape. Always start with the lighter color—usually, the one on top.

Tip #6. Be creative!

Two-toned walls can bring a bolder and fresher look to your room without needing to replace your furniture or build complex architectural details. The more creative you are with your walls, the better!

The common horizontal two-toned walls are good enough, but don’t be afraid to try other designs! For example, you can go for a two-thirds and one-third division or try bright accent colors and textured finishes. Remember that there are no hard rules!

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