Pressure Wash Before Painting: When And How You Should Do It

by Houston Texas Painters - October 4, 2021

One thing is for sure: you need to clean a surface before painting it. However, there are many ways to clean your home sidings, and choosing the right one can get a little complex. Pressure wash is the most popular method to clean a home before an exterior paint job.

However, can you always pressure wash a house? What do you need to consider before power washing your home? Here you’ll learn about this effective cleaning method.

Should you pressure wash before painting?

An exterior paint job will last more years if you clean the siding before rolling the paint! Pressure washing is often the most effective and quick way to clean the sidings. However, it requires care and skill, or you could end up damaging the surface! 

If you decide to power wash your home before painting it, follow these recommendations!

Pressure washing before painting: tips and recommendations

Both gas or electric pressure washers have enough power to damage wood, vinyl, and even concrete! Needless to say that this powerful tool needs to be handled with care to prevent harm to your house and your household. 

If you are power washing your home, check out these tips and recommendations before continuing. 

1. Make sure your home doesn’t have lead paint

Lead paint is banned. However, some older homes (painted before 1978) could have lead paint on the sidings. It is an issue because lead paint chips and dust are health hazards! 

If you suspect your home may be one of these homes, you need to remove the lead paint safely before pressure washing it! 

2. Scrape old paint, don’t pressure wash it!

If you plan to remove the old coat of paint, it might be tempting to wash it away with pressured water. However, using enough power to remove old paint might also damage your house sidings! 

Instead, remove the old paint with a scraping tool and sand the surfaces before the pressure wash!

3. Use low pressure!

You don’t need to use all the power in the device to clean your home sidings—some pressure washers can cut through concrete! 

Start with a low-pressure setting and a 40-degree or 25-degree nozzle. Also, stay at a reasonable distance from the surface and with a slight downward angle. Washing your home at an upward angle can get the water inside the siding boards and wall cavities!

4. Wait until the siding dries completely

Once you finish washing your home, you need to wait until it dries completely. How soon can you paint after pressure washing? It depends on the materials of your home siding. For example, wood can take 24 hours, while brick can take up to 48 hours.

Pressure wash or hand scrub?

If you are planning a DIY exterior painting project, the first step is being honest with yourself about your skills. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do an excellent job with a power washer if you are a first-timer or don’t have enough experience. 

However, pressure washers are powerful tools and, without the proper experience, could be dangerous for your home and yourself. You can do an excellent job with a regular garden hose and brushes! 

Hire professional contractors!

Don’t worry about renting or buying a pressure washer! Houston Texas Painters can power wash and paint your home exteriors for you! We have the skill and knowledge your home needs! Fill in the form on our homepage to get your free estimate!

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