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houston residential painters

Remodeling your home? Houston Texas Painters are the best team to complete your project. Our experienced painters know how to use the latest painting techniques, so your walls get the best treatment possible. We work with your budget and schedule and use low-odor, fast-dry paints and follow a strict process to assure you the final result is going to be exactly as your pictured.

We are a local company that serves in the Houston, Texas, area. Over 50 years of experience speak for us, and we operated with the efficiency and speed only local companies have. Also, we assign a project manager to every service so you will be in constant communication with us. This painting service is explicitly designed to impress you.


You have a thriving business that is making its way to success, but perhaps your walls and reception don’t reflect it. Chipped and cracked or peeling paint is jeopardizing the image of your business, and we, Houston Texas Painters, are an expert on giving new life to any commercial property.

We are the team that can complete your project successfully, using low odor and fast dry paints that will leave the best color and texture to your walls. Our painters work with your budget and following your specific goals, making sure the final result is clean, endurable, and welcoming.



Painting an office is an excellent way to give it new life and attract success and optimism. Your clients will be amazed, and your employees will feel that they are working in a brand new place. We can help you achieve this goal! Our Office Painting service is suitable for both big buildings and also small offices.

Our painters are well-trained and organized, skilled in the art of painting, and in the business of staying on budget. Also, we use the latest apps and equipment to give you the best experience, and you can choose exactly what color and style you want.


Moving in or moving out? Renting or selling your apartment? Our Apartment Painting service will be quite an improvement for your home or building. We offer the best painting service in the Houston area that will fit in almost any budget. From a quick and effective painting session to a more detailed and aesthetic service that will bring new life to your walls.

We operate as a local company, and that’s why we have the flexibility and adaptability to schedule your service at your convenience and also pay attention to small details that other big companies might overlook. Our painters are highly trained and follow strict quality protocols to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


houston residential painters


A backsplash is an essential part of every kitchen, and many house owners skip them. Not only will your kitchen have an aesthetic upgrade, but also the material will protect your walls against grease, smoke, and spills. Installing a kitchen backsplash could look easy, but it requires precision and attention to detail. Doing it right, it can be the remodeling you needed all along.

In Houston Texas Painters, we are a professional team that is highly experienced in these types of tasks. Leave it to us to complete your project. We will help you select the ideal material for your wall, measure it, and install it with success.



A proper tile installation might be what your home needs for remodeling. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, or living room, from small projects to corporation-size projects, Houston Texas Painters are ready to serve you. We always deliver quality work thanks to our highly-trained team and our professional protocols.

Tile installation is always different depending on the room, house, or office, and we adapt to your specific aesthetic and functional goals. In other words, we specialize in assuring that your floors and walls are going to look beautiful and be adequately protected against weathering.




Having a quality, a well-installed fence can protect your children and pets and also increase your overall property value. If you’re interested in repairing or installing a new one, Houston Texas Painters are the experts that can deliver the job for you.

Whether it’s vinyl, wood, aluminum, PVC, or wrought iron, our professional workers will have your new fence installed in no time. Book your service online, and then we schedule a convenient time for you and send our best team.



There is nothing like good-old wood furniture to give a vintage and sophisticated look to a home. Our team of professionals is also well trained in the carpentry arts, able to help you with your shelving, bookcases, and cabinets, anytime.

If you have any doubts about your future carpentry project, contact us. Release yourself from the responsibility of wood furniture. Leave an expert to do the job! We work under your budget and follow your specific goals.




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