The Best Books for Amateur Interior Decorators

by Houston Texas Painters - January 25, 2019

The joy of decorating a room to match your exact tastes is a joy that every homeowner should experience, but the real problem is figuring out what are your tastes and how that translates to actual things to buy, use and where to place them at the home! We’ve compiled some essential reading for those that want to go the extra mile when it comes to decorating your home interior, learning from some of the best.

Remember, even if you stay 100% true to your ideas, you can still let professionals handle the hard work for painting or anything else related to contemporary interior design books.

1. Farrow & Ball: How to Decorate by Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby

Farrow & Ball is a decoration firm specialized in paint and wallpaper, and this beautiful tome showcases their experience in full, featuring great photographs from houses around the world decorated in a varied array of styles. Aside from helpful tips on how to work with paint, primers, undercoats and suggested color combinations, it offers a comprehensive guide to every shade in the color wheel and its effect on interiors.

A good choice if it’s your first time renovating rooms or want to give a particular feeling into them, and you’re not yet familiar with the color wheel.


2. The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light by Niki Brantmark

Scandinavian homes are built with the intention of maximizing the amount of natural light that goes in, especially around the winter season when the days are shorter and the sunlight is less intense. Author Niki Brantmark, who runs the popular blog My Scandinavian Home, has filled the book with scores of lovely photographs from homes across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

The pictures in the book offer a good look into many different types of home, from urban spaces to mountain cabins and seaside cottages, all inspired by the elegant sense of Scandinavian minimalism.


3. Dream Décor: Styling a Cool, Creative and Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live, by Will Taylor

This book embarks the reader on a journey through fifteen different destinations that showcase versatile and stylish decorations, backed by beautiful pictures taken by author Will Taylor himself. The first part describes Taylor’s seven parts of design at length, which are color, pattern, texture, furniture, lighting, storage, and display. The second part presents different photographs detailing what he says.

This is a great book if you prefer a neat and tidy decor because Taylor encourages readers to decorate the home that makes them happy and to display only what they love in each room.


4. Beautiful: All American Decorating and Timeless Style, by Mark D. Sikes

America is an enormously varied place with many styles for interior decoration, ranging from the conservative to the exotic, and author Mark D. Sikes imparts his tips for décor with flair and plenty of detail.

If you choose to guide your decoration through this book’s tips, remember to visualize everything to the last detail before acting on them, then create a mood board which contains all of your design ideas. Doing this will help you create a better, more integrated image.


5. Design*Sponge at Home, by Grace Bonney

Design*Sponge, one of the most popular design sites, has a book version that includes excellent interior photography, DIY projects which easy-to-follow instructions, and makeovers that you can implement around your house following before and after pictures, among other features.

This is an excellent guide if you want to learn how to redecorate on a budget and get started on bigger DIY projects.

Redecorating your home can be a fun experience even if you’re still an amateur, especially when you have quality material to guide you through the process, like these and other interior design course books. Be sure to read up more on them to make sure they fit your style, and good decorating!

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